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Year 2019 REVIEW and Important Lessons learned. |

Year 2019 REVIEW and Important Lessons learned.


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The Year 2019!

It’s the end of yet another year! And it’s the time to review it. 

Last minute of our futsal match. The match is tied until now. The losing team is supposed to pay for the ground fee and opponent team has the ball possession. One of the strikers gets the ball and kicks it hard. With despair in the heart, we lose hope but what a great dive from our keeper. The ball is saved and I am waiting in another half of the ground. Counter attack and bang, we score! We win the match. 

It’s just a matter of a minute but the feeling of hope, despair, passion, joy all of the possible emotions erupt within those few seconds. And, that’s how the year 2019 went by. 

What a joyful, painful, hectic, passionate, workaholic year it has turned out to be! Truly unexpected and in the end, all worth it!  

Year 2019

Let’s review the year in a comprehensive manner:

1. Work

I spent the larger chunk of my time and effort in the year 2019 for the work. International Youth Media Summit (IYMS)- 2019 was the dream project for this year. 

The 14th International Youth Media Summit 2019 was held in Pokhara with 61 delegates from 23 different countries. Great films were made at the end of the summit. Read more about the IYMS 2019 following this link: The 14th International Youth Media Summit (IYMS) in Pokhara, Nepal. 

The 14th International Youth Media Summit (IYMS) in Pokhara, Nepal

Watch the films from IYMS 2019: 

Besides the main event (IYMS 2019), there were some other projects I engaged myself into. International Youth Media Day (IYMD) was another important one. It was celebrated for the first time and was initiated by IYMS itself. 

In Nepal, we organized films screening session along with a panel discussion on the theme “Role of Youth Promoting Sustainable, Peaceful World.”

Through IYMS, we worked on a project collaborating with UNRCPD, a UN body working for weapon disarmament. 

Representing IYMS, I was a part of the British Council’s Camara Chica project through which we got to train school students about filmmaking. The project is not yet over and the partnership continues for 6 months (at least). 

Co-founding RAATO with two of my friends was another milestone of the year 2019. You’ll get to see more of the works in 2020.

Follow RAATO on Facebook: 

All in all, 2020 is going to be a year full of work and I am truly looking forward to it.


2. Family

After the IYMS 2019, my sister had to leave Kathmandu. She got a job and was transferred to the village. Earlier, I along with brother and sister used to stay here. That was a huge shock for me. Even though she was with my mom back in the village, my life here in Kathmandu was shattered to a great extent. 


I had a very difficult time handling and managing things here. Money (the financial aspect) is just a small fraction of all the hardships we had to endure in her absence. Cooking was not a problem for me (I had learned it years ago), getting everything into place was a big challenge. Managing everyday stuff like cleaning the rooms, toilet, washing dishes and clothes, managing wastes, arranging things in place, buying groceries fucked me up in the initial phase. For a few months, I was too stressed out. Slowly, things are getting better and I’m gaining the momentum now.

Mom and Son

My brother doesn’t speak to me much and only does work that I ask him to. That was a huge problem in the beginning. Nowadays, he does a few things on his own and still, I need to direct him to do this and that. Maybe he’ll soon grow responsible and mature enough to perform things on his own.

This year, I have spent more time with my family more than ever. During the small breaks (in the first half of the year), I used to travel to my village, meet my mom, grandparents and cousins. 

During the Dashain, I spent more time than I previously used to. I traveled to different places in the village. Talked to my cousins, mom, sister, grandparents, uncles, aunts and everyone else. Similarly, I went to my village during Tihar as well. We had a great time there!

Unlike in the past, I’m enjoying the family time more than anything else. I realized that I was so occupied with my own personal bubble that I was missing a lot of family matters. Talking to them, listening to their life lessons on the basis of their experiences and following their daily household lives is something I really cherish. Undoubtedly, I would continue to be a family man in the days to come as well. 🙂  

Dashain 2076

If you ask me anything related to family, never forget to prioritize them above everything else. I am not happy not doing so in the past. 

3. Studies

I never thought that I’d be regularly going to college and attend classes. But I did! Joined Masters in Arts (M.A) majoring in Sociology. Maintaining more than 80% of the attendance was a challenge in itself but I did it. The first semester is already over and it’s going great. In the beginning, I didn’t socialize much and now, I have some good friends. 

Studying theories and diverse perspectives expanded my horizon of thought process. Investing about 4 hours a day in the college has helped me learn new things about society and societal process.  

Happy that I am pursuing formal education. 🙂 

4. Self-improvement and Productivity

2019 was the year of experimentation. Got out of comfort zone, in order to try and test new habits. Regardless of the result, I enjoyed the process and I’ve surely been in/directly benefited by those experiments. 

i. Studying Books

As much as I wanted to read books, more of the readings were focused on academics. But still, I managed to read some interesting books. 

Here are the books, I went through in 2019:

  1. Manisha Koirala: HEALED (Highly recommended)
  2. Into the Wild: John Krakauer
  3. The Art of War: Sun Tzu (Highly recommended)
  4. Ignited Minds: APJ Abdul Kalam
  5. Desire: Haruki Murakami
  6. The Way of the Superior Man: David Deida (Highly recommended)
  7. Eternal Celebration: Osho
  8. The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank
  9. What I know for Sure: Oprah Winfrey (Highly recommended)
  10. Pagal Basti- Sarubhakta (Highly recommended)
  11. Yunika: Ghanashyam Pathik
  12. Franseli Premi: Bibek Sharma
  13. Shirish Ko Phool: Bishnu Kumari Waiba (Parijat) (Highly recommended)
  14. Chyatna Nasakeko Chitthi: Dr. Deepak Khadka
  15. Bhairab Aryal Ka Haasya Byangya Nibandha haru: Bhairab Aryal
  16. Arki Aaimai: Neelam Karki Niharika (Highly recommended)
  17. Timro Logne Ra Ma: Nirupa Prasun
  18. The Nectar Of Pain: Najwa Zebian
  19. Gulabi Umer: Amar Nyaupane
  20. Ek Sarko Maya: G.S. Paudel (Highly Recommended)

This year, I read more Nepali novels. Little did I know nepali literature is so beautiful. Some of those books were truly next level. Glad that I read them. 

ii. Articles and Blogs

In 2019, I published about 20 blogs. Earlier, I promised to publish 52 blogs. Sad that I couldn’t fulfill the commitment. 

For 2020, I am not going to promise weekly blogs but I’ll publish more than 20 blogs (focusing on quality over quantity). 

Phidim, Panchthar

iii. Vlogs

There were about 20 vlogs from 2019. I still have more them yet to be edited. I’ll edit and publish them whenever possible. I also worked as a technical team member during IYMS 2019, Pokhara.  As always, it was a great learning experience. 

My personal favorite vlog from 2019 would be the Mardi vlog. Here it is: 

iv. Habits

2019 was life transforming year for me. I chose to become a Vegan. People were surprised and many times, I was mocked at. In the beginning , I had a hard time coping with it. Gradually, things settled on its own accord. Without a second thought, Veganism was the best thing that happened to me in the year 2019. 


During the first half of 2019, I was consistent in terms of developing habits. I was more productive. But slowly, I became lazier and things started crumbling. However, I was still into exercises and sports which kept me in shape to some extent. 

v. Lifestyle Challenges

In the initial few months, I embarked on 30-days challenges with the motive of challenging my mundane everyday lifestyle. Some of them were tough but life transforming. 30-Days No Social Media Challenge, certainly was the toughest of all but the best of all. 

30 Day No Social Media Challenge

vi. Diary Writing

Needless to say diary writing is a rare and powerful habit to incorporate into life. With the very intention, I committed myself to be regular in diary writing. I tried my best and yet, I was not regular. Whenever, I wrote a diary, I felt happy and content. I wonder why do I not do this more often or even better everyday? 

vii. Quit Nail Biting

I had this habit of nail biting for a long time. This year, I quit the habit. Certainly a remarkable transformation in my life. Realization that there are plenty of things to do with fingers other than biting nails (no pun intended).

Sarangkot Sunrise View

5. Travel

In terms of travel, 2019 was okay-ish. 2019 started off with a travel to Kakani. Along with travel, it was a great learning experience being a part of trekking guide training program. 

Later on, we had to travel back and forth to Pokhara quite often. Mardi Himal Trek was short, sweet and awe-inspiring. 

During the festival time, I traveled with cousins to the different destinations in my village. So beautiful destinations within a couple of hours of walk. Mahabhir Jharana was one of them.

To the end the year 2019, I had a travel plan to Chitwan. Unfortunately couldn’t make it. But before that, I traveled to Pathivara temple in the Eastern part of Nepal. Truly fulfilling solo trip it was! 

Pathivara Temple

Some other important milestones of the year include acquiring trekking guide license, participating in training, business related programs, etc. 

Important lessons learnt in 2019: 

  1. More Kindness and humbleness make more lovable inside out.
  2. More priority to the family brings close to inner self. It’s like going back to the roots and witnessing the flowers blooming.
  3. More problems make us more Stronger!
  4. Until and unless, I love myself truly and totally, I can’t love others. Self-love and loving others is a loop. 
  5. Sometimes, it’s okay to make mistakes. I don’t need to self sabotage all the time. Making mistakes and taking wrong choices are different things. 
  6. Not everything should stick for eternity. Somethings are meant to pass through our lives. And we should be courageous enough to let them go away. Thanking them for their presence in that particular time frame. 
  7. Every once in a while, it is important to designate some time for Self. This self-time can be invested in reflecting things. Diary writing, walks, travel or whatever expands our creative energy.
  8. ONE THING AT A TIME. And that too, with  FOCUSED INTENTION. Be it the simple things like eating, talking, playing or listening to music.

What’s Next in 2020? 

Even though I try to avoid the problems, they’re inevitable. The size of problems are surely going to increase. Instead of trying to avoid them, I need to expand the horizon of thinking and at the same time prepare myself accordingly. 

Happy New Year 2020


Happy New Year Everyone! May this year be full of joy and happiness. All the very best, cheers! <3


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  1. deepesh says:

    need to take some classes from you bro. loved reading every word in there. Happy new year.

  2. Abhilasha says:

    Wow, what an amazing year!

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