Road Trip to Mungo National Park and Broken Hill- Australia Travel

Road Trip to Mungo National Park and Broken Hill

During my visit to Australia, I along with my childhood friend and three other friends had traveled to Mungo National Park and surprisingly visited Broken Hill as well. Originally the plan was to travel to Great Barrier Reef (which I had always fantasized since my school days, as long as I have known about Australia). But because of limited time, we changed our plan and BOOM, the road trip became a memorable one.

Broken Hill
My friend shot a picture of mine during the sunrise while taking a break on the way to Mungo National Park!

Driving through the straight roads and dried lands alongside, I had a feeling of traveling back to the past. But little did I know, we were there visiting the most ancient place from where the history of Australia has begun. I came to know about this thing after the trip and I was totally amazed recalling the travel and felt fortunate to witness historical Australia.

Mungo National Park Trip
The Road Trip Team (From left: Srijan, Sapan, Ramsaran- my school friend, Bijay ) and me!

Unlike other blogs of mine, this one is going to be more informative about the Mungo National Park and Broken Hill situated in New South Wales, Australia.

Broken Hill NSW
Time for Mindfulness in the early morning! On the way to Mungo National Park, New South Wales, Australia.

Let’s start with the history of humans contrasting with that of humans in Australia;

History of Humans

Australia Broken Hill
Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia

It is believed that Human Remains dates 195,000 years old and it was discovered in Ethiopia. The remains are considered to be the oldest so far in the history of mankind. In order to back up the fact, corpses of pre-humans have been found in those places in Africa and those remains were dated between 4-5 million years ago.

Aboriginal people (the native people of Australia) are believed to have walked to Australia around 40,000 years ago. Interestingly, the history of Jesus dates back just to 2000 years ago.

Mungo National Park
Aerial View of road to Mungo National Park, New South Wales. A white dot on the left side of the road is our car. 😀

Australia was discovered in 1770 when the prisoners from the UK were sent to the place as a sentence. It is less than 300 years when Australia was known in the modern world with the possibility of human existence. By the comparison of these dates, we can predict the ancestry of  Aboriginal people.

Mungo National Park

The areas around Mungo (presently national park as well) were the places where Aboriginal People first resided when they migrated from Africa. According to the various researches conducted on a timely basis, findings of cooking fires, middens, tools and also the remains of Mungo Man supports the indications of people living in Mungo Areas for thousands of year. One of the significant discovery was made in 1968 when the remains of Mungo Lady was found in the premises of Mungo National Park which further showed the evidence of Aboriginal People staying in the place for a very long time.

Sand Dunes at Mungo
Aerial View of Mungo Lake at Willandra region, New South Wales.

Mungo National Park along with Willandra Lakes Region are enlisted in the world Heritage sites as well. These places undoubtedly share the story of a long voyage through the passage of time. Similarly, Mungo National Park and Willandra lakes region are Australia’s richest archaeological sites and also the guardians of the land providing them with fresh water.

Archaeological treasures can be found in these regions through natural erosion. For example; Great walls of China- a 33 KM stretch of Sand Dunes formed by the centuries of sand storms are the shelters of animal bones, plant matters, and ancient artifacts. These walls can have a height of up to 30 meters.

Mungo National Park; Self-Guided Tour

We didn’t take any guide while touring around Mungo National Park in World Heritage Willandra Lakes Region as there were navigated directions already. So it was a self-guided tour.

The region offered me the opportunity to witness beautiful, historic and breathtaking sights of Walls of China.  It was for the first time in my life that I was able to see Deserts.

Mungo Lake Australia
Desert at Mungo Region, Australia!

Lake Mungo

We all were surprised when we didn’t see the lake while it was being clearly displayed on the map. It’s a chain of dried-up lake beds and sand dunes. As per the direction provided by the map, we were driving on the middle of the lake but no hint of water at all. We’re astonished and confused too.

I just came to know that the lake is dried.

Mungo Lake Australia
We were not supposed to fly the drone in national park regions but we did. We were thrown out of the national park!

Lake Mungo lies is one of the 17 dried Pleistocene Epoch (the time period that began about 2.6 million years ago and lasted until about 11,700 years ago.) in Willandra Lake region.

Broken Hill

Broken Hill was another destination we traveled during our road trip to Mungo National Park. Even though we planned to camp in Mungo National Park, we had an instant idea of moving further and Broken Hill popped. Silver City is another name of Broken Hill.

Broken Hill Australia
The mesmerizing view of Broken Hill during the blue hour after sunset. NSW, the Australian Outback

Broken Hill lies in the far west of New South Wales (NSW) and is popular for silver, lead and zinc mining. A beautiful landscape with deserted areas, this place has a historical significance and remains as Australia’s first heritage listed city.

Kangaroo Australia
We saw a countless number of Kangaroos while driving through the NSW outback. Sadly, in about every 200-300 m distance, there was at least one dead Kangaroo. They were hit by high-speed vehicles. 

All in all, the road trip was one of its kind. It was for the first time in my life doing a road trip and camping outside of Nepal. Had a great time during the trip! A heartfelt thanks to my school friend for making it possible and also others for the companionship. Cheers ?

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