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Posted on January 16, 2020 Travel/Photography

Background of the Oslo Trip…

A diary of two days of Oslo, Norway trip which we did in 2017.

I along with three friends (Darshan, Pratick and Sapan) of mine traveled to Oslo, Norway from 9th August until 11th August 2017 after spending an amazing two weeks in Sweden for International Youth Media Summit. As it’s said “wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”, Oslo has certainly become a part of me and most probably my friends too. Even though we’re there for two nights only, the trip happened to be a fulfilling and memorable one.

Gothenburg to Oslo, Norway

We were traveling to Oslo on a bus. I was traveling on a European bus for the first time in my life and that too while going to Oslo; a place which I had always dreamed to be. Even though we were not going to see the northern lights being in Norway in summer, Oslo was more than enough considering our duration of stay. We reached the station a bit less than an hour before as we had fellow IYMS-ians going to the airport at the same time. So we were together until the station. We had some breakfast there. We made sure about the bus and waited for the departure.

And before that, I had a unique experience there. I had to pay 10 Swedish Krona to go to the toilet which turned out to be the most expensive pee in my life so far. πŸ˜€

After 3 and half hours of ride, we finally reached Oslo and Oslo welcomed us with drizzling rain. We embraced the cool welcome and moved on. Walking the unknown roads with the backpack was a bit difficult and tiring but fun. It took us around 45 minutes of walk to reach our stay before getting lost a few times on our way.

The first day at Oslo!

We were already wet when we reached our hotel. We decided to dry the wet clothes, change them and take some rest until the rain settles down. After sometimes, we took a stroll around and changed our currency. We were fortunate enough to find a Nepali guy there. He briefed us about the city but later we realized that he doesn’t even know much about it; πŸ˜€

We had our lunch and walked around making weird plans. We got wet again and anticipated to have better weather the next day. We were invited by a Nepalese family (One of our friends had known them) for dinner. We changed our dress again as we were wet again and went there. The family was very happy to have met us we were too. πŸ™‚ We savored the Nepali food there and then Pratick sang his songs too. The family was happy when they realized that he’s a musician trying to fit himself in the Nepali music industry. And they were awed to know that he hangs out and if possible dates girls from the very industry who were familiar to the family members as well. πŸ˜€

It was around 10:30 PM when we left them and decided to explore nightlife there. The city was colorfully lighted, crowds increasing more than during the day and long queues of party people waiting to get inside the night clubs and dance bars.

Oslo at Night was different Oslo than that we had experienced in the day.

We got inside a bar, danced and listened to the amazing music which I, personally hadn’t listened before. It was so cool. Later, we decided to return and walked out of the bar. Few minutes of walk and we met a couple from Germany. Something miracle happened there which we four people experienced. And if you ask me what it is, it’s a MYSTERY πŸ˜‰ The tired bodies were rejuvenated, sleepiness was substituted by joy and moment became exhilarating. Pratick started to sing and I listened to him while the other two were still having a conversation with the couple. After some time, we left and reached a mesmerizing park with a colorful fountain where we decided to meditate.

I don’t remember the time duration we meditated but it was the best thing about Oslo trip for me. It was such a divine experience. We moved forward and reached yet another beautiful park. Pratick improvised and created a piece of music instantly which would depict the moment then. Such a lovely moment! I wish we could prolong this for ages…Even though we were exhausted and it was very late at night, we didn’t want to go to bed.

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The Second day at Oslo!

As we had slept very very late the previous day, it’s obvious to wake up late. We got ready after waking up, had our breakfast and headed to the city hunt. The first destination was Oslo Opera House.

Oslo Opera House

One of the major highlights of the Oslo trip; Oslo Opera House! You’d stay there watching and listening to the sounds of silence for hours without getting bored. Such a chill place it is. πŸ™‚

It was so serene and captivating place so we decided to make a video and began to shoot.

Akershus Fortres, Oslo

Three young lads roaming around the Akershus fortress in Oslo.

Unplanned trip at its best!!!

Oslo, Norway

Walking through the central station, we found this amazing building. Normally, the buildings are not that tall but they look so artistic and vintage. A perfect amalgamation of Art and History!

Manchester United

And all of a sudden, we saw this flag of Manchester United Supporters Club, Scandinavia. I couldn’t stop taking a picture of it.

Karl johans gate Oslo

A captivating view of Karl Johans Gate, Oslo. Walking through this path gave me a typical feeling of being and traveling in Europe.I guess many people from the place might know four of us as we might have walked that street more than 20 times that day. And I am serious πŸ˜€

Karl Johans Gate, Oslo

Pratick on the show πŸ™‚ Rest, Motion and Reflection; all at once!!! This is one of my favorites from the Oslo trip. πŸ™‚

Holmenkollen, Oslo

Into the wild!!!

Central Station, Oslo

Rush Hour! Guys looking after information board before our departure to Holmenkollen. Shot at Oslo Central Railway Station.

We were already very tired walking around the Opera House, Fortress and Karl Johans Gate. But we had more to explore and visit. We then decided to go to Holmenkollen, a place famous for ski.

PS; We didn’t have tickets to go there but we really wanted to got there. The only idea would be getting into the metro and think nothing else. We did the same.

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Oslo City

A fine view of Oslo and greeneries shot from Holmenkollen!

Holmenkollen, OsloThese guys have glasses and pants but not me and I have a cap, not these guys. Oddity πŸ˜€ View of Oslo in the background shot from Holmenkollen.

Holmenkollen Ski Jump, Oslo

Holmenkollen Ski Jump, Oslo. This place has hosted Winter Olympics and numerous world ski championships. A dream destination for travelers πŸ™‚

Busking, Oslo

It was surprising to see a large number of artists busking in the streets of Oslo. Those buskers were amazingly talented yet there used to be very few people listening to their songs. It’s totally different in our part of the society where artists don’t have difficulty getting the attention of people. We’re good listeners then; listened to their songs, appreciated them and bid goodbye with smiles. πŸ™‚


Friendship Goal!!!

“I firmly believe there is adventure everywhere, so long as you keep your eyes (and your mind, and your heart) open.”

The irony is we had tired legs because of the continuous walks but still smiling faces. That day, I (probably four of us) had walked more than we have ever done before. Starting our walk at around 10 in the morning until 12 at night was something I didn’t expect would have happened in Oslo. But it did.

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What my traveler friends have to say

Oslo City

“After spending half a year in three different countries (the US, England, and Sweden) all by myself, I finally
got a chance to spend some days with my best buddies that too in a different part of the world. So my
the excitement level was on top of the Everest πŸ™‚ One important thing that I had learned from this trip was
Money is not as important as we think to go somewhere, your passion, dedication, and enthusiasm are.
Despite knowing Oslo as one of the most expensive cities in the world I still managed to convenience my
friends to make a trip there as I knew what Oslo had to offer us. Hoping on in a train without tickets,
23.6 KM (exactly) of walking in Oslo downtown within 48 hours, that struggle to get into a night club
without an entrance fee, Pratick and me craving for a chicken bucket, and that desperate look at our
wallets every time and again after buying something from 7 eleven is something that will remain safe in
my memories forever.” – Sapan Hamal

Norway Oslo City

“The two nights in Oslo were quite surreal! A place unlike any other that I have visited. A cold place but uncannily adaptable to someone like me who hates the cold – Maybe because I was surrounded by friends and their warm Aura. The days gave us beautiful sights to see and the nights gave us places to explore. Amsterdam met us in Oslo on the first night in a small packed tobacco paper, conversations were made with strangers about Love and Lust. Songs were sung around fountains and across the streets. Churches gleamed in the city lights while the trees bowed down to them. Acquaintances became friends and friends became pals. The Trams and the trains watched us pass by and the city awed at our energy. Facebook names were shared with new faces, Our footprints must now be stamped all across the Oslo Central as we walked by them tens of time. The seagulls danced with us, and we danced with them. People absent were missed and people present were celebrated. What a wonderful world.”
Pratick Paudel

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Darshan Parajuli has a long story to share! Here it goes:

“Oh man, I just got back from a crazy yet productive, wonderful trip to Sweden and Norway. My trip was basically to attend the 12th International Youth Media Summit as a representative from Nepal. There were youths from around the globe in Falkenburg, Sweden gathering to make PSAs in different issues that are affecting the world. And the best part is meeting these amazing people and discussing how can we contribute from our side to address those problems. Thanks to IYMS family for adding beautiful memories into my life, and beyond that let me share with you what I learned. I think you’ll like it.


First, traveling is hard and can be pretty expensive. Which is probably why most people don’t do it. Instead, they put it off and say β€œI’ll do it next year”.  Is it hard? Yes. Is it expensive? Usually. But it’s also well worth it. Why? Because you’re out of your comfort zone and that’s where you become stronger. Your brain is a muscle and when you get outside your comfort zone, it gets stronger. That’s what traveling does. It makes our brain stronger. There’s stress in trying to understand what people are saying, converting currency, making sure you don’t get robbed, finding places you’re trying to get to, and so on. Like I said, traveling is challenging, yet it also makes you stronger. The main challenge: 18 days and so many places to go to. Rain damn, and we were constantly on the go. Always figuring out logistics, packing our bags, going to the next place, and being on time for trains, planes, and buses. At times, we felt like we were going insane.

Oslo Norway

But after a while, I got into…flow.

Flow is what kept me going and it felt incredible. Can you imagine going out on the town and talking to 3 or 4 girls without any hesitation because you were so caught up in having fun? Can you imagine being so in the moment that you aren’t thinking about what to say next and all your conversations flow naturally? Wouldn’t that feel amazing?

I know it would because I’ve felt it and my friends Pratick, Manoj and Sapan felt it too.

Before my trip, I used to believe when people told me that you need a lot of money and a lot of planning to travel. But after my trip, I realized that the only thing you need to travel is traveling attitude with good travel companion like my friends. πŸ˜› everything else is secondary. While entering Oslo and Falkenburg, Sweden it was a completely unknown place to me. But because I was deeply in love with these places while returning back, all the streets seems like I know them for ages. Our 18 days stay European land turned out to be the best journey so far. Those loveable people, those rush hours of shooting, those tired legs because of continuous walk in the street of Oslo, those Mafia games, those stories of each IYMS family members,   those opening and closing ceremony, those performances in talent show, those visa game before our departure from Nepal, those music, nightlife, bars, stunning scenery, landscape, beautiful and busy European life is something to cherish.

Oslo Travel

Travelling teaches us so many lessons, it makes us stronger, teaches us to take decisions in unprepared and uncertain things. You experience amazing things, you get exposed to a new culture, thinking perspective gets broader. Your horizon of thinking gets bigger. After my trip to European countries, I realized that we Nepalese are struggling in so many small and basic things, I came to know that there are many bigger problems in the world, then the one we are facing in our day to day life in Kathmandu.

Sometimes I get sad when I think of my disability to contribute to those bigger problems at least from my side. It gets me angry sometimes when I realize that directly, I am not being able to contribute to make this world a better place to live in. But still realizing the fact, everyone has the limitations, I smile remembering those wonderful 18 days, I have spent in Sweden and Norway. After my trip, before I go to bed, I always dream of traveling the world by making some kind of impact on those lives and bringing back unheard stories. I wish someday my dream will come true. Till then, Bon Voyage. Peace!
– Darshan Parajuli (Find him on Youtube

With loads of beautiful memories, we left Oslo the other day with a heavy heart!!! Even though it was a very short trip, I am sure we got the best out of it. Thank you guys for the wonderful company πŸ™‚


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