A travel diary; a traveler’s letter to his mom sharing his travel experience!

A Solo traveler writes a letter to his mom while he’s on his travel. The travel diary is entitled “A travel diary; a traveler’s letter to his mom sharing his travel experience!” Here’s how his travel diary goes…

Travel and Nature

“Dear Mom,
Namaste from the altitude of 4500m, distance of more than 500 kilometers and separation of more than a few weeks now! Thank you for the precious gift you’ve given to me; giving birth to a traveler son. Right now, I am staying in a pastureland surrounded by the lush green hills from all sides and a beautiful music of river alongside my tent.

Nature, Travel Diary, Traveler


It’s a heavenly feeling right now; above the clouds and so close and connected to the sky and the mountains! It’s been few days of my travel not seeing any people around. Me and the whole nature forming a one; what a perfect combo!

Traveler Diary to Mom

While I am having the best moment of life doing a travel and writing this travel diary, I am sure you’re worried about me for not being able to connect with me right now.

How I wish to communicate and share this delightful moment with you! Yeah, I wish you were here by my side; smiling with me and cherishing this moment. You would not need to miss me badly arousing hiccups to me and I would not need to write this travel diary for you. Instead we both would be celebrating this beautiful time together. But that’s how it is; not everything that we wish comes true! Maybe it was meant to happen; you praying for my safe travels staying in home.

Traveler Diary

Turning the pages of my memory book, I recalled my previous travel. I was having difficulty while walking; tired body and cramped legs. It was already more than a week that I hadn’t been able to talk to you. Out of nowhere I got a call from you and you hurriedly asked if I was okay. What an instinct you have! Tears ran down the cheeks and I was speechless. Personally that was unexpected for me! Normally I am a person who tries to hide my emotions at the most but I couldn’t do that with you. Still I tried to lie and tell you that I was completely fine but I could utter no words.

Silence filled the surrounding and you immediately knew I wasn’t well.

Travel Diary

Then you shared about the dream you saw the last night.  Wishing my wellness the whole night; you couldn’t sleep. Hundreds of times you tried to call me; but I was out of reach. Minutes passed by and I was still speechless trying not to let you know that I was weeping. Eventually I told you that I was doing better. Why on earth would you believe me? The question answer session grew longer than I thought! But somehow I could convince you that I was getting well. Credit goes to you again! 🙂

Sunrise, Nature, Travel

Early in the morning today I woke up with the rising sun. And watching the rising Sun, I saw you in the Sun. With the increasing brightness and colors of the Sun, I can feel your presence there. A vivid memory of the eyes filled with a bit of insecurity, a bit of fear, a bit anxious and more of happiness for my travel appeared right in front of me; more closely as the Sun heightened up from the distant hill. I remembered the day when I left home with mixed feelings.

Snow, Travel, Nature

And now I am wondering how happy you’d be walking along with me. Contemplating the beauty of snowy hills and snow covered lakes. I still remember how joyfully you’d share your childhood memories being in the nature while rearing the cattle in faraway land. You’d opt to go to nature even if it’s too much of effort, hard work and challenging instead of doing the household chores. Maybe you wanted me to be somewhat similar; a nature, adventure and travel lover.

Thank you Mom for implanting those genes into me. Words can’t thank you enough.

Someday, I wish to travel with you. I wish to live the same childhood that you lived. I wish to see you experience your youthful days. And I wish to be a part of your happiness. Being an observer, I wish to see you living your childhood. Wouldn’t it be exhilarating when you find your long lost friend? The serene paths welcomed by the fallen leaves, watching the deer grazing on the side, Danfe and Munal teasing the animals around. Oh Mom! It’s going to be an emotional moment for sure. But sometimes happiness deserves tears. Happily, I would shed tears for you! You’ve shed more than enough tears for me so it wouldn’t be a problem.

Travel Diary

Your proud and exuberant son!
Thank you for everything….”

About the author

I come from the land of Gurkhas; the brave soldiers who fought tirelessly and didn’t let any countries rule Nepal. Because of those Gorkhalis, the Nepalese are proud to call “Nepal has always been an independent nation so far.” Nepalese Flag is the world’s only non-quadrilateral national flag; red color symbolizing the bravery and blue symbolizes peace and harmony. What a proud thing. Also, Nepal was the Hindu Kingdom in the past and now a secular state welcoming people from all the religions. Nepal is a country of living heritages and Kathmandu a city of temples. All in all, Nepal is a country with Unity in Diversity. Thank you for reading the boring random shits. These things don’t relate to me in any way. And those are not the things that describe me. If I introduce myself with the common voices of any nationality, group or community, it’s nothing but sheer stupidity. A part of it can be a shared introduction but not fully. So who am I? I don’t know who I am. It’s been years of SEARCH but nothing has been excavated yet. And also, I am not the right person to describe who I am. It's you who know me and whatever I say about me makes no sense. You tell me who I am ;)
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