A thought!

A thought popped!

A different thought popped in my mind while strolling around. Here it goes my thought! In everyone’s life, it’s always been crest and trough; whether that be emotions, progress, love and relationships, work, friendship among many others. Sometimes, there’s steadiness in crest and in other times trough. Even the stability in heart monitor recognizes someone’s death. I believe that’s same in case of life as a whole; stillness  in the life graph shows null (symbolically death) and I think that’s the beauty of life with fluctuations.


And, sometimes the beauty, the fluctuations turn out to be bitter. Not always it’s easy to accept the fluctuations. At times, even the mounting crests have taken me to despair and not sure if the deepened troughs have heightened me to glory, but certainly they’ve made me stronger than before.

It’s been quite a while, I have been investing sometime in observing the fluctuation graph. By this I don’t mean, observation of other people on social media and making judgements. I’m trying to refrain it as much as I can. And, until this moment, what I’ve learned is this makes you a mirror and you look yourself from a distance. Isn’t it cool? For me, certainly it is. 😉

About the author

I come from the land of Gurkhas; the brave soldiers who fought tirelessly and didn’t let any countries rule Nepal. Because of those Gorkhalis, the Nepalese are proud to call “Nepal has always been an independent nation so far.” Nepalese Flag is the world’s only non-quadrilateral national flag; red color symbolizing the bravery and blue symbolizes peace and harmony. What a proud thing. Also, Nepal was the Hindu Kingdom in the past and now a secular state welcoming people from all the religions. Nepal is a country of living heritages and Kathmandu a city of temples. All in all, Nepal is a country with Unity in Diversity. Thank you for reading the boring random shits. These things don’t relate to me in any way. And those are not the things that describe me. If I introduce myself with the common voices of any nationality, group or community, it’s nothing but sheer stupidity. A part of it can be a shared introduction but not fully. So who am I? I don’t know who I am. It’s been years of SEARCH but nothing has been excavated yet. And also, I am not the right person to describe who I am. It's you who know me and whatever I say about me makes no sense. You tell me who I am ;)

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