The Kite Watcher; a story of my childhood! |

The Kite Watcher; a story of my childhood!


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The Kite Story

Once I was lost the whole day just to see some strangers flying kites. How passionate I was. I stayed the whole day staring at the kites. No hunger and no thirst!

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The inner fire was ignited; the environmental heat was no warm compared to the zeal within. Sounds surprising right? What a creepy story? A guy watching other people fly kites and that too the whole day. Yeah, that’s what you might be thinking. But it’s what happened then.

Meanwhile, the other side of the story was terrible. My mom and I used to play hide and seek during the weekends. She thought I was hiding inside the little cupboard we had in the corner of the room and she called me a few times. There was no answer and she still thought I was pretending not to hear.

Later on, she was shocked when she didn’t find me there. It was the first time I left home without asking her. I thought I’d return after a while. But minutes turned into hours and I didn’t have the counting of how many hours passed.

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The story dates back to almost 20 years ago; no phones and most probably not even pagers at least we didn’t have it. Mom cried so much that even people from the neighborhood had a tough time consoling her. Mom was tired of searching for me the whole day and when Dad came home, he joined the search as well. They reported to the police, went to each and every relative we had in Kathmandu. Still, no trace of me.

The Story of mine during the day!

I was lost in my own beautiful world. The colorful kites flying in the sky were taking me to the imaginative world where angels lived; where I didn’t have to see violent situations (alcoholism and domestic violence most of the times) as I had to witness in the surrounding. Such a blissful moment it was. I was smiling with myself; flying up and above the clouds!!! What a beautiful life I thought. How I wished myself to be one of the kites flying there. I’d try to reach even higher and discover the hills and travel to the mountains.

It was starting to get dark. I had no clue where I was. Also not sure if I could return back home and unsure of how far I had come. Because earlier, I was there running and watching the kites in the sky without having any knowledge of where I had been.

Isn’t it a wonder that Darkness makes us feel insecure and alerts us to be secured? Kites started getting lesser and people began settling towards home. Where’s my home? The unanswered question!!! More importantly unsure of how to get back. A bit of anxious I was. But the joy of watching the colorful kites flying in the sky was more dominant.

Suddenly, my hand was caught from behind. When I looked back to find out it was my father, every emotion dissolved and FEAR reached the peak.

Then I realized that I had left home in the morning and that too without informing my mom. Even if I had informed them, it was already dark and too scary for a kid of my age to be outside. As I always used to fear him, I assured myself that I’d be beaten ruthlessly that day. Nevertheless, it was my fault and I’d to compromise I thought.

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Back HOME!

When we reached home, there was a big gathering. Everyone screamed out of relief after seeing me. Mom came ahead and she couldn’t even utter a word. She had run out of tears as she had been crying the whole day. She held me by her arms and hugged me.

As she had cried a lot, her voice had been totally different. She was trying to ask me something but she couldn’t. She’s trying to cry; sweep away all the weariness she had during the day through tears, slap me so hard that I wouldn’t repeat that mistake again. Those were all her failed attempts and she stayed numb.

The people sitting around were making their speculations. Some of them scolded me for troubling parents specially mom and some of them tried to advise me and not repeat again. I was clueless and unable to respond to the situation there. So I stayed quiet!!! That was the only thing I thought best suited the situation.

Eventually, her voice got recovered and asked where had I been the whole day. Silent I was! She told me that she searched me in that little cupboard more than 100 times. Mom requested father not to beat me. *Deep Sigh*

Earlier, I was so fearful of the father punishing me for the instance. But then, I nearly cried. Such an emotional moment it was!!! I wanted to beat up and severely punish myself for breaking the trust she had on me. I really felt guilty of what I had done.

As it’s commonly said nothing is comparable to mother’s love, I felt her love at the core of my being. Preventing me from my father’s beating, she didn’t just want me to get away from the punishment but she also wanted me to change my behavior. What a beautiful way of teaching the life lesson. Also, that was such an affectionate moment. I can still vividly remember that moment.

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What happened from that time onwards?

It’s not that I didn’t go out from that day on. I was a kid back then. Childish hearts are innocent ones. I followed what my heart wanted me to do. What’s right and what’s wrong always becomes the secondary thing to consider when it comes to enjoying and living life during childhood. What I love doing always became the first thing to keep in my mind.

Flying kites and watching others fly kites was and still remains one of the most amazing recreational things for me. But the morals I have got from this story have shaped more or less of my life at present.

My learnings from the story!

Here are my learnings extracted from that incident I try to incorporate into my life:
1. It might sound too cliche but I truly believe this. Trust is easily breakable. Trust is too malleable. Once broken, it cannot be replaced. It’s not a teacup that can be substituted with another. And neither can it be repaired. How do we unite thousand and one shattered pieces into one? It cannot be the same. So it’s very important to maintain TRUST. I might lie with someone in a few instances. But the lie can’t hide the Truth, isn’t it?

2. It might seem counterintuitive to the above-mentioned point about trust. Maintaining trust is one important thing. But again circumstances, time and situation!!! We know it all. Intentionally and unintentionally, we have problems maintaining trust issues. Sometimes we trust other people too much and in turn, we get disappointed. We share our deepest secrets and later find out the secrets were no longer secrets. Instances as such are common among our circle. We all can easily relate to these. But the question is; do we distance ourselves from them for the lifetime? It’s true that those were not-to-do’s but again what about a thing called “Forgiveness”? As I mentioned, it seems counterintuitive. Depends on the individual and his/her situations; so it’s not fair to generalize. And it’s not my right to influence you in this regard. But what I want to stress here is; I’ve realized that in most of the cases, I over-think, over-react to the situations. Even if I can minimize that number to a certain extent, isn’t it a great achievement for me? Yes, it is! And interestingly the more we practice the art of forgiveness, the happier we become. The negative energy starts to extinct. Didn’t you believe me? Try it once then 🙂

3. Recently, I was reflecting on my life and asking myself; When was the time when I truly lived my life? The question is vague in itself. How do I measure the quality of my life? It’s like evaluating myself from my birth and until now and it’s pretty tough. Isn’t it? I couldn’t get a concrete answer to the question but probably the day, when I got lost was one of the days I truly lived my life to the fullest. I could do what I truly wanted to do that day. And the moral is if I truly want something, I can do it no matter what. I forgot the fear of getting beaten, no hunger and no thirst. Just focussed and centered towards the extracting the best out of that situation.

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Final Words….

As Tom Hanks has mentioned in the movie: The Forrest Gump, Life is a box full of chocolates. You never know what you get inside. The story of kite happened to be the same in my case. Never had I imagined that an incident which occurred in my childhood would affect me in such a way. Encouraging enough!


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