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Ropai (Rice Plantation) at Khokana 2019 |

Ropai (Rice Plantation) at Khokana 2019


Posted on July 19, 2019 Travel/Photography

Since my early childhood, I had a huge fascination with Ropai (rice plantation). Born in a  village, I was fortunate enough to witness agricultural activities the whole year around. And as I now recall those moments, I get smiles on my face.

Last two weekends, I was there in Khokana; one of the medieval towns in Kathmandu valley. It was my first time being there even though I was familiar with the name for a long time. I had a great time spending moments with people specially the elderly people and kids. This is mainly because I think I connect more with those two age grouped people. It’s said kids teach us the lessons of innocence and elderly people teach us the lessons of experience and life.

Here are some of the photos from the Ropai– 2019!

Ropai Preparation“All set for the Ropai! Rain is what’s needed now!”

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Nepali RopaiA woman preparing to go to the rice plantation. 

Marching forward to the battlefield. Each year, they are compelled to struggle with various aspects majorly including weather conditions, cost, and Human resources. When I was there for the first time, it was not raining and I had a few conversations with the locals there. Some of them had started rice plantation paying a huge amount of money in order to get water from the river Bagmati. It costed them around Nrs. 1000 (USD 10) per hour and same was the cost of a tractor to plough the field. It is visible that, with every passing year, a lesser number of people are engaging themselves in crop plantation. One of the main reasons is because of the productivity they yield with so much hard work and time they invest in the plantation. Nevertheless, whoever is engaged in the process until now, I have huge respect for their persistence. Even while writing this, it brought a genuine smile into my face. Truly grateful to witness this amazing thing in the beautiful village of Khokana! 

Rice Plantation NepalHardworking farmers and Joyful kids playing alongside. 

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Woman KhokanaAlmost there to the field with lunches. 

Nepali manThere’s a pride in farming. The responsibility of feeding the world and keeping the planet alive. What a joyful moment! 

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Nepalese ManA happy farmer! 

Rice plantationTEAMWORK!!!

Khokana LalitpurSheer Determination and Passion! That’s what makes us alive, isn’t it? 

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Ropai 2019Age is just a number! And this man has proved yet another time. Thank you so much!

Khokana RopaiWhat’s more exciting than indulging into something that you help not just yourself but the wider mass? 

Nepalese Kid and WomanLet the kid learn from scratch! 

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Nepali Woman

Nepali Women Ropai

Rice Plantation 2019The storehouse when at the field! What a beautiful piece of art which can accommodate so many things within. Moreover, I wonder how on Earth can such a hollow space reserve Tonnes of LOVE! Doko is LOVE! 

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Ropai 2076A Cheerful Baje who was happy to have his photograph taken!

Khokana Ropai 2019Young blood and strong willpower! 

Ropai at Kathmandu“That’s where we are supposed to go now and resume our Ropai!”

Nepali ropaiYou and Me; let’s go side by side. We will reach farther and quicker too! 

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Dhan ropai

Ropai Khokana 2076

Nepalese RopaiSecuring the field from harmful insects and pests!

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Ropai (Rice Plantation)

Women in KhokanaWhat a beautiful sight to witness it was! I had goosebumps when I clicked this picture. The woman was there working for hours with her colleagues. There were some others taking care of her child most of the times. At times, she would take a break to breastfeed her child. INSPIRING!!!!

Rice PlantationA Smoke Break and time to inspect if everything is alright!

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Ropai NepalGreat to see a lot of youngsters like him in the rice plantation. 

Rice Plant NepalReady to plant now!

Khokana KathmanduA photo break after a tiring work!

Ropai Kids“Adults are just outdated children.”  — Dr. Seuss. These kids made my day and when I think of them, I can’t resist smiling. They were so warm and welcoming to me. I spent a few hours talking to them. Maybe I asked their names more than 20 times during the stay there. But still, I can’t remember them. If you ask me what do I remember of them, I remember the tiny bits of smile I shared with them. I can feel the warmth they provided to me. The hospitality they bestowed upon me. Such a precious moment it was! 

They wanted to shoot pictures from my camera. I taught them how to use the shutter button and they were delighted to shoot their parents and grandparents pictures. I showed them the pictures and happiness amplified. Their parents were welcoming and cheerful too. When I was about to leave, they resisted me for lunch. As they had a non-vegetarian meal, I didn’t eat the food and left promising I would be back again and meet them. 

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Nepal RopaiThree Different ACTIONS!

ropai KidShe kept me stay there with her alluring SMILE! 

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Ropai NepalAnd her INNOCENCE too!

Ropai in NepalThe Cheerful woman is the grandmother of the kid above. Behind her are the kid’s mother and aunt. Beautiful souls they are! 

Even though I was not able to travel for a long time because of work and academics, this short and fulfilling trip to Khokana surely filled my soul. Truly grateful towards all these beautiful people. 

Do you have any stories as such? Let me know. I would love to read them. And what do you think of these pictures? Were you able to connect with them? Which one did you like the most?

I would like to take a moment to thank my friend for the support during the shoot. Do check out his Instagram for amazing portraits and landscapes:

Until next time! 🙂



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