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Poetry about emotions; Collection of Poems! |

Poetry about emotions; Collection of Poems!


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Poetry about Emotions!

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”
Robert Frost


I belonged to her
Nor did she belong to me.
We belonged to LOVE!!!


Poetry about Emotions- 1 (You and your presence)

You’re the music I’m desperate to listen from ages.
I’m disappointed!
I’m failing to describe your beauty.
The more I try; the more I fail.
Your beauty exceeds the magnificence of blooming flowers,
the precious golden sunrise & sunset, 
a serenity of silent and spectacular lakes.
I can dive into your eyes!
Reach the shallow-est I can ever be.
You’re the rain!
You can drench me;
Not just the body but the soul and heart within.
Your smile is so alluring!
The Sun, moon and the stars would die for.
The moment I think of you gives me goosebumps.
I have no idea;
What happens when we face each other.
The heavenly bodies are cherishing your presence.
And I’m feeling your absence…
So far in my reality;
Yet so close in my imagination.
Sheer Stranger for the mind to acknowledge
Yet a being so firmly connected with the soul.
Moj Photography

Poetry about emotions- 2 (You and Me)

“I will wrap you in layers of thoughts
Will trap you in the home of silence
Unknown to you
Unknown to me.
Let’s travel until saturation…”Abstract poetry

Poetry about emotions- 3
Title: In the pursuit of Incompleteness from completeness…

“She’d fear the sun, rain, nature, love, and affection.
She’s cheated every time she trusted something.
The air she breathes, the land she walks on;
She doesn’t believe them to be real.

Her first love; that’s the only reality existing in her life.
And her love all stored in the world of imagination awaiting to burst out…”Poetry

Poetry about emotions – 4 (Contrasts…)

“She’s water
Wetting everything
Blue in nature
Cuz she’s cool.
And I’m fire
Red and burning
Warming things up.

She’s Star
Constantly Sparkling
In the Night Sky
Like her teeth.
I’m Moon
A Parasite
Constantly changing
And Dependable.

She’s mountain
Standing tall,
Still and cheerful.
I’m desert
Moody and Lost within.

We two are
Opposites, contrasts.
We two are
Distant by nature.

We two are
Mutual. We two are
With the Existences…”

Poetry about emotions- 5; darkness!

What do you remember of that dark day?
Do you remember the stillness of the air?
When the time had stopped and the air was frozen.
The sunny day turned into foggy within seconds.
Do you remember People failing to breathe?
The day when the smile was lost and despair overtook.
The vibrant and enthusiastic vibes all sucked up.
When the river changed its direction; south to north.
The vision was lost and memories all cleared up.
Do you remember the day?
I do!
I still do!!!

Who’s the Superior One?

We both shared similar childhood memories
I loved being soaked in the rain
And so did you.

 Even though we both were supposed not to be doing
Gradually the restrictions were being implied upon us.
Since you’re a Black
And I am a White.
We are born with different color
And we’ve forgotten long ago that amalgamation of two creates anew.

We two have been segregated by the unending chains of religion.
You are a Hindu
You worship temples.
And I am a Christian
I go to Church.


“We both can coexist in harmony” is a hypothesis.
You’re not ready to be a Christian
And I am not ready to be a Hindu.
We’re not ready to be sent to Heaven.

We two are divided by the dividing lines of philosophy.
You follow the Eastern beliefs
And I do that of the West.
There’s “Ego” playing its part in between.

You’d feel superior
And why shouldn’t I either?
“Love” has only space to exist in holy books.
And yet, we both don’t accept this.

We argue and pretend to prove love still is instilled in our hearts.
Even though both of us well know love just resides in our minds as a word.
“Following instincts” is regarded to be a sin. 
If so, you’d lose your rationality. 
And, in my case, I would have no significance to exist.
For we both should go with the logic. 

We are conspired to act accordingly until death.
We both are respected for insulting and criticizing each other.
This is what has been going on for centuries.

You alone can do nothing.
I alone can do nothing.
The easy way out:
You accuse the societal structure
I accuse the process.
We both play the safer game.

The Old Days

It was just a usual first meeting with her
No any thoughts, possessions and feelings
The only thing I remember of her is that appealing smile.

She sent a friend request on facebook
Everyone does, its normal, I thought and added her back.
She used to like my posts and pictures,
At times, comment too.
I did the same.
Till then conversation had not commenced.
And the process went on and on for ages.

That day, I still remember, for no reasons.
All of sudden, I was in desperate to talk to her.
After all, its a will and why ignore.
I thought it was probably the best time I could initiate talking.
An ounce of perplexity, anxiety and excitement mounting.
She was offline; a sigh of relief. 
Straightaway I messaged her with great courage
Knowing not how she’d react.
And, this is how the simplest of thing started in a majestic approach.

I used to search for reasons to speak to her and wonder when she’d be online
But, I could not express that feeling with her.
I was disheartened to see the sent messages “seen” and yet not replied.
Later, it used to be the moment of ecstasy when she continued a conversation on her own.

I’d love to talk about love, deep feelings and all
Within the confined walls of thoughts, unfortunately
And, I had no courage to confess with her even though I significantly wanted to

I wish she’d by the side
But that longed all in the desires, not-going-to-happen part of life.
And slowly, we had grown intimate
At least from my side
I was comfortable sharing everything with her
 Except for the part that I loved her.
The fears would fence and filter it automatically.

I guess she’d the similar feelings
For she’s a girl and why would she commence
Rather she wanted me to proceed first, maybe.

I was afraid and clueless thinking if it’s too quick to confess her
And scream “I love you”
But again, the future responses and reactions
Oh, it’s not probably the right time
I postponed that splendid day for the future.
Poor me, the day never appeared.

Being good friends always gave me mixed emotions
I questioned myself if I am fooling myself with the delusion of being loved.
“Always being good friends and later end up seeing her on the other’s arms?”
“Disclosing the truth and deciding the fate?”
Indecisiveness act with no actions.

The isolating differences: godliness and manliness…

I don’t witness animals wandering in search of god as a man does
Why would they bother about other beings?
For they are enormously content with their own existence.
I don’t see them missing godliness either. 
It’s no surprise they live life to the fullest.

Probably the best illustration of “living in the moment”
And I doubt if there’s any better demonstration
Simplicity is what they enfold
And that’s the sole base for their perpetual beauty.
With no hunger for heaven
With no fright of hell

The rose blossoms with a complete intensity of redness it possesses
And the neighboring mustard doesn’t envy for not wearing redness
in flower instead of yellow.

The unconditional love the animals showcase
The ever-lasting aura of plants
And the priceless chirping of birds
I regard all of these to be the eternal godly blessings.
And, plants, animals, and birds to be the god
I wonder what’s wrong with a man.

If birds can live with sheer freedom without dressing any identity
Why cannot a man?

I have never seen pine and oak fighting for pride and religion.
Neither do cow and goat
Nor do nightingale and dove.

I have never heard a bird setting boundary
In terms of caste, color, creed, belongings, and land. 
All the energy, Human is wasting in such a stupid act.

Human existence is believed to be the wisest of all.
For me, it’s rather contradictory.

Endowed with everything, humans have nothing.
For they have been strolling around
Which they are not aware they have all they need within them. Man

Here’s the recitation of this poem I did recently;

On the lap of nature

Sitting on the lap of nature, there I was.
Adrenaline of emotions rushing through the veins.

Laying down beneath the blue sky, there I was.
Observing the whitest of a cluster of clouds spanking each other.

Relishing the eloquence of drifting river, there I was.
Alluring the tranquility that spontaneous flow of tides conveys.

Ascending on top of the blooming Oak, there I was
Craving the life to be instilled with an elegance of beautiful colors.

Beholding the squawks of the birds, there I was
Reminiscing and indulging myself into the bounty of existence.

Utterly captivated at the moment, there I was
Striving to freeze it up and experience the aliveness that life proposes.

Sitting on the lap of nature, there I was
Extending effort to prolong these instants till the eternity.

Sitting on the lap of nature, there I was
Reluctant to be a corpse before the grave.

-Manoj Bohara

I wish

I wish I were an unshackled being.
I would stroll around for I shouldn’t worry about you.

I wish I were a source of light.
I would shine you up without letting you know I did so.

I wish I were spontaneously drifting air.
I would vanish kissing your cheeks.

I wish I were a wave of sound.
I would wake you up every day with the mesmerizing melody.

I wish I were drizzle.
I would soak your body for you wouldn’t know I cuddled you.

I wish I were a poet.
I would recite poems recounting how much I love you.

I wish I were alive.
We would have rejoiced these miraculous moments for ages mutually.

I wish……
And I wish…..


And I recently recited this poem: 


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