Nitty gritty of Gaining likes and comments: Plagiarism

Background of Plagiarism


We Respect Professions, a movement to bring about structural change in people’s mindset regarding the concept of profession was started back in 2014 by a group of young people. During the end of 2014, there was a video in YouTube “Rimsha: A Song For You #WRP” which went viral in social media. The video has now reached over 154k views in YouTube. Right when the video began going viral in the social media during the initial days, a guy downloaded the video and uploaded from his personal page. It reached more than 100k views within a span of two days. We lost 100k views on YouTube that time. And again, matrimonial Nepal downloaded and shared the video with the misguided information completely contrasting to the original idea of ours.The video has been a victim of plagiarism again.

Story of Plagiarism

Matrimonial Nepal downloaded the video and uploaded it in their page without our consent and permission. After asking them to delete the post as it was misinterpreted, their response startled me. “We didn’t know response is going to this good” is what they said. My goodness!!! Didn’t they know such a minor thing that one should ask for permission before using someone’s property? And more than that, they have used a part of it which has completely misled the message we’re trying to disseminate. Here’s the link to the video.

Misrepresentation at its finest

 Next thing, how can our video of spreading the message about respecting professions be related to a completely different subject of matrimonial? The unintended messages which the video uncover are unwelcoming. Since only a part of the video is uploaded, doesn’t it spread the contradictory messages among the audience? How would the parents/relatives of the those involved in the original video feel when they see a guy proposing a girl in a crowd and later the girl becomes emotional. Isn’t it misleading? Wouldn’t the girl be the subject of scrutiny in the society after watching this incomplete version of the video?

Hasn’t the message we’re trying to disseminate been completely misinterpreted because of this video? This is just wrong! This is an insult to artist and youth campaigners who are trying their level best to think outside the box in this society.

An apology overdue

After seeing their response, I was left curious. Did they​ think it’s okay for them to download our video and use it for their free advertisement? In their response, they also mentioned that they’ll give us the credit. Sounds simple, isn’t it? How easily could you say that it’s okay if you give us the credit to use our video? Would you pay us for the views and promotion you’ve got through our? And it’ll be okay then. A mutual give and take…

And seeing the comments in the post shared in the page, it made me laugh and at the same time left me embarrassed too. Even the people familiar with the causes behind the video were seen negligent seeing the post shared.

Let’s try to understand the hardwork put in order to create the beautiful outcome. People have worked day and night for weeks to come up with that. RESPECT the effort! How easily could you steal and promote yourself not understanding the real essence behind the cause and still feel you’ve done nothing wrong? If you’ve got your heart still operating, try to feel how would you respond if you’re put into the similar situation. You certainly wouldn’t feel good, would you?

Lastly, an open request to Matrimonial Nepal in order delete the video from the page. Stop plagiarism! Thank You!!!

About the author

I come from the land of Gurkhas; the brave soldiers who fought tirelessly and didn’t let any countries rule Nepal. Because of those Gorkhalis, the Nepalese are proud to call “Nepal has always been an independent nation so far.” Nepalese Flag is the world’s only non-quadrilateral national flag; red color symbolizing the bravery and blue symbolizes peace and harmony. What a proud thing. Also, Nepal was the Hindu Kingdom in the past and now a secular state welcoming people from all the religions. Nepal is a country of living heritages and Kathmandu a city of temples. All in all, Nepal is a country with Unity in Diversity. Thank you for reading the boring random shits. These things don’t relate to me in any way. And those are not the things that describe me. If I introduce myself with the common voices of any nationality, group or community, it’s nothing but sheer stupidity. A part of it can be a shared introduction but not fully. So who am I? I don’t know who I am. It’s been years of SEARCH but nothing has been excavated yet. And also, I am not the right person to describe who I am. It's you who know me and whatever I say about me makes no sense. You tell me who I am ;)

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