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Journey of being a photographer; Life in love!


Posted on October 18, 2016 Travel/Photography


It’s been sometime I am in deep love with camera and photography. Within the span of one and half years, I was fortunate enough to have traveled some places. During the trip, pictures have become one of the best treasures of those places. Here, in this post I have included some of the pictures which are emotionally connected with me. However, the pictures are not in order according to date. Some of the pictures are mobile shots, few are DSLR shots and rest are from digital camera.


I shot this picture in February, 2016 during the visit to Okhaldhunga. It was snowy day; too cold and amazing experience. And, when the golden hour started, the coldness escaped away and I kept clicking the pictures. The mesmerizing view of the place is still somewhere in my heart. The closeup view of friendly deer right in front of eyes, mountain range, magical sounds of birds chirping were the major highlights of the trip. Aww! I so miss those moments full of love and positive emotions.

Love for Camera

Black and White Photography

Just few days ago (14th October, 2016 to be precise), I along with 3 other friends had been on a short trek to Kalinchowk, Dolakha (3900m altitude). While we were almost halfway through the trip, one of our friends didn’t want to continue and he returned back. We were three people then. The weather was too cloudy that it was difficult to see objects just few feet away. Maybe, that was why we lost our way quite a few times during the trip even though I had been there once before. But after all that was fun.  I shot this picture on 15th October, 2016 while climbing down from Kalinchowk temple. As a whole the trip was very short but a package of adventure, joy, sarcasm and at the end MEMORIES!


When I think of the year 2016, the first thing that comes to my mind is International Youth Media Summit (IYMS). Numerous flashes of the initial working days, the final preparation, the joyous event days to the emotional farewell strike me time and often. This key, for me is so significant as well as  symbolic in many ways. The key has been gateway for 56 people and other related people to be a part of IYMS. And, I am blessed to join this wonderful family.  PS: I am not trying to promote this brand 😀

Water Splash

I still remember the day, it was 5th March, 2016 when I took this picture in Godawari Botanical Garden. I didn’t have camera on my own (I still don’t have it :P) but one of my friends turned out to be generous enough to lend me a camera for the day. We were there for a photowalk. I can’t describe how happy and content I was to be with photographers and click with them.


This is the shot of sunset from longest suspension bridge of Nepal- Chadani Dodhara. The picture was taken in May,2016. As I it’s said eyes are the best photographers, photos are merely the depiction of portion of that majestic moment. That was the same feeling I got engulfing myself into the beauty of Sun.

Love for travel


Four of the trekkers were returning back from Annapurna Base Camp(ABC) and Jhinu (Hotspring) was the destination of the day. It was a tough decision and eventually we all made it to the destination. It was full moon day. After the dinner, other 3 were already in the deep sleep. I was about to sleep but I saw moon rising from a hill. I don’t exactly remember the number of shots I took but it certainly crossed 50. I was out in the balcony staring at the moon for more than 2 hours. I was certainly too tired but that moment was mystical.


Three guys, despite being short of money and initially just planning to go to Sundarijal went to Chisapani and planned to stay there overnight. The silent and serene way, greeneries, river, springs and conversation about limited spending of money were some of the highlights of the trip. All of us were as pitiful as the guy in the background symbolizes :P. We had to substitute our dinner with noodles and bargain with hotel owner for subsidized price for stay. Regardless of the limitations, this trip reminds me- “travelling always doesn’t ample amount of money.”

Love for Moments

Lovely evening

Maybe because I live nearby this place, Boudhanath has always been the place to re-energize myself and bring out the better version of me. When I’m free, I love to be there, contemplate about myself and prepare for striving to be better in days to come. Above shot taken in March, 2016, the day when I returned back to Kathmandu from Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek gives so much of energy to me. I was so tired but couldn’t stop myself from going there and stay there for sometime. I was lucky enough to be there; certain Budhist ritual was going on and it was a bit crowded which in turn helped me click lots of pictures.


This picture is from Pashupatinath temple where soulful musical session- Aarati takes place every evening. I used to be a regular attendee of aarati and even these days when I’m there, a different emotions takes me. Being there, the contrast of life and death always let in a question The Bagmati river separates aarati and cremation of dead bodies. Sometimes, I put myself in the darker side of the story imagining myself in that place and I’d try to analyse my ongoing feeling during that moment and most of the times, I’d observe the people enjoying the soothing music. Afterall, the moment is always precious regardless of how pitiful the day is; the evening turns out to be rejuvenating.


Captured in July, 2015 during the visit to Lamjung district was my first field trip from my office and my excitement level knew no boundary. DSLR on my hand and beautiful sceneries all around; I was impatient to click whatever my sight would take me. It took quite sometime to get this sharp picture with multiple shots. And, it was my picture with watermark added in it. 😉

The love journey of photography continues and will be eternal until LOVE exists! 🙂


5 thoughts on "Journey of being a photographer; Life in love!"

  1. manisha says:

    I’m so glad you decided to start up your own blog and everything! I still remember the first time I met you and you said ” No I just practicing a little with this camera” .

    Congratulations and Best wishes!!!

    1. Manoj says:

      Thank you so much Manisha! yes I do remember saying that. I was very beginner yet so interested during the time. It feels really good pursuing the things I have deep connection with. Thank you again 🙂

  2. Ram Kumar Thapa says:

    Little things you tried but those little things are differently expressed.Keep it up and all the best for upcomings.

  3. Captivating pictures bro

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