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The One that Got away!


Posted on May 29, 2014 Stories

The One that Got away; a story of my long curly hair!!!

Sometimes , I open the drawer of my bed and I can see my hair packed in a bag . That small pack of my hair gives quite a lot of memories since 15 months or so. I’m grateful to have got new recognition because of the long curly hair.

The hair was growing , so was the pressure from parents to trim it . The hair was growing and so was the perception of people to judge me. But one thing was true that I was enjoying those each moments regardless of pressure or the societal view towards me.

My hair not only gave me chances of getting different nicknames but also I got wonderful opportunities to give my life a different direction and make friends from abroad too. Fritz Riesken from Germany is one of them who’s around 50 years older than me but yes when there’s connection within heart , age doesn’t really matter.

Now, we’ve intimacy and that started because of hair.


Fritz Risken

Another interesting thing when I had hair used to be while walking on the roads and travelling on the bus . People used to see me as if I was the only one in this whole planet with such hair. Also I used to be mistaken for a female a lot of times, much older people used to call me “dai” and one stranger came to me and It surprised me when she asked for a photograph with her. A sketch that I got from my very good friend/brother Saifullah Mohammed is notable one which reminds of my curly hair .

saif's sketch

Saif’s sketch

One day , I was returning back to my home and on the way very close to home, a dog barked at me. The next day I had my hair tied and the same dog that I saw the day before didn’t bark at me and when I untied it , the dog again barked. And , with this particular event , I want to compare with our society. It’s just like judging a book with it’s cover.

It was the moment of extreme disappointment while I was going to trim hair.

When the barber started using scissors, tears nearly rolled down the eyes . Some of my friends even couldn’t identify me. Most of the friends were sad about that thing. I remembered , life’s not all about what we don’t have, it’s about creating happiness with what we. And , I could accept it and move on !

It holds a lot of memories still and given life-long experiences and it shall be one of the most precious things in my life, which I shall treasure forever, and ever. Overall, it has given me a new direction! a new recognition, made me closer with people, made me appreciated at times. But even though its gone, my identity shall remain the same, and ‘identity’ matters. From a very close friend of mine, I got to learn the meaning of identity. My hair has given me a lot, and even though its gone, my identity is safe with me!


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  1. Prashant says:

    Writing is awesome, manoj. Keep on continuing. You write in a simple but genuine way 🙂

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