The One that Got away!

The One that Got away; a story of my long curly hair!!!

Sometimes , I open the drawer of my bed and I can see my hair packed in a bag . That small pack of my hair gives quite a lot of memories since 15 months or so. I’m grateful to have got new recognition because of the long curly hair.

The hair was growing , so was the pressure from parents to trim it . The hair was growing and so was the perception of people to judge me. But one thing was true that I was enjoying those each moments regardless of pressure or the societal view towards me.

My hair not only gave me chances of getting different nicknames but also I got wonderful opportunities to give my life a different direction and make friends from abroad too. Fritz Riesken from Germany is one of them who’s around 50 years older than me but yes when there’s connection within heart , age doesn’t really matter.

Now, we’ve intimacy and that started because of hair.

Fritz Risken

Another interesting thing when I had hair used to be while walking on the roads and travelling on the bus . People used to see me as if I was the only one in this whole planet with such hair. Also I used to be mistaken for a female a lot of times, much older people used to call me “dai” and one stranger came to me and It surprised me when she asked for a photograph with her. A sketch that I got from my very good friend/brother Saifullah Mohammed is notable one which reminds of my curly hair .

saif's sketch
Saif’s sketch

One day , I was returning back to my home and on the way very close to home, a dog barked at me. The next day I had my hair tied and the same dog that I saw the day before didn’t bark at me and when I untied it , the dog again barked. And , with this particular event , I want to compare with our society. It’s just like judging a book with it’s cover.

It was the moment of extreme disappointment while I was going to trim hair.

When the barber started using scissors, tears nearly rolled down the eyes . Some of my friends even couldn’t identify me. Most of the friends were sad about that thing. I remembered , life’s not all about what we don’t have, it’s about creating happiness with what we. And , I could accept it and move on !

It holds a lot of memories still and given life-long experiences and it shall be one of the most precious things in my life, which I shall treasure forever, and ever. Overall, it has given me a new direction! a new recognition, made me closer with people, made me appreciated at times. But even though its gone, my identity shall remain the same, and ‘identity’ matters. From a very close friend of mine, I got to learn the meaning of identity. My hair has given me a lot, and even though its gone, my identity is safe with me!

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I come from the land of Gurkhas; the brave soldiers who fought tirelessly and didn’t let any countries rule Nepal. Because of those Gorkhalis, the Nepalese are proud to call “Nepal has always been an independent nation so far.” Nepalese Flag is the world’s only non-quadrilateral national flag; red color symbolizing the bravery and blue symbolizes peace and harmony. What a proud thing. Also, Nepal was the Hindu Kingdom in the past and now a secular state welcoming people from all the religions. Nepal is a country of living heritages and Kathmandu a city of temples. All in all, Nepal is a country with Unity in Diversity. Thank you for reading the boring random shits. These things don’t relate to me in any way. And those are not the things that describe me. If I introduce myself with the common voices of any nationality, group or community, it’s nothing but sheer stupidity. A part of it can be a shared introduction but not fully. So who am I? I don’t know who I am. It’s been years of SEARCH but nothing has been excavated yet. And also, I am not the right person to describe who I am. It's you who know me and whatever I say about me makes no sense. You tell me who I am ;)
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