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Nepal Lockdown

Today is the 11th day of Nepal lockdown. Initially, the government of Nepal had declared a week of lockdown. However, with the increased risk of coronavirus infection, Nepal government announced another week of lockdown. Until now, the lockdown is scheduled until the 7th of April, 2020. But many people have opined that the situation is not going to get better and so the lockdown time might increase more. Let’s see; fingers crossed!

Nepal Lockdown Day 11 in Pictures

I have been documenting this Nepal lockdown period through photos/videos/diaries as much as possible. Whenever I go out to buy groceries or vegetables or any other essential items, I tend to carry camera with me most of the times. Despite all the challenges this pandemic has brought, it has also proved to be once-in-a-lifetime memories in our lives. 5o years down the line, this period will give us sweet memories of how we’ve been spending this time. Don’t you think so? I’ve been guided by this thought and I try to document things as much as possible. 

While we all have been staying home, it might have been boring because of too repetitive schedules. Even though, I was enjoying my self-isolation period to the fullest, it was kind of getting boring. I was trying to incorporate different activities into my daily life in order to spice up life. Diversifying my sleeping/waking up time, eating time, changes in scheduled activities etc. were some of the things that I tried in order to make my daily life interesting. A few days ago, I tried doing this and I have felt the changes. I felt more positive and interested. All in all, I believe, the current situation has taught us to be more GRATEFUL & enjoy the little things that we have in our lives.  

And today, I had a wonderful chance to meet my friend. During this lockdown period, I am staying alone in my room. So eating and working alone. Today was a bit different day. My friend came to my room, we had our lunch together, go out and experience the situation of Kathmandu valley with one of my friends through bike ride. I feel blessed to have got that opportunity and capture some moments during my trip to various parts of the Kathmandu valley. Boudha, Chabahil, Sukedhara, Maharajgunj, Baluwatar, Naxal, Kamaladi, Durbarmarg, Thamel, Sorhakhutte, Bijeswori, Swayambhunath, Balaju, Chakrapath, Dhumbarahi, and back to home. I am truly THANKFUL to my friend. 

Watch my vlog about the stay at home on the 3rd day of Novel Coronavirus Lockdown here in Nepal:

Now, let’s move on to the photo-blog.

Coronavirus lockdown

Covid19 Kathmandu lockdown

Covid19 lockdown

Day 11 of lockdown

Kathmandu lockdown photos

Kathmandu lockdown

Kathmandu Valley Lockdown

Nepal lockdown picture

Nepal lockdown pictures

Nepal Lockdown

Kathmandu Nepal Lockdown

Covid19 Nepal lockdown

Lockdown and empty roads

Nepal lockdown effect

Nepal Lockdown effects

Lockdown in Kathmandu

Lockdown in Nepal

Lockdown Nepal

Nepal lockdown day 11 photos

Nepal lockdown Day 11

Thank you so much for going through. I hope you enjoyed seeing the situation of Nepal lockdown (in Kathmandu) through pictures. Which one did you like the most? Let me know! 

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And finally, stay awesome as always. Cheers! 😊

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    1. Manoj

      Thank you so much for the appreciation! Yes, the views look very different than what it normally do. Take care of yourself and stay safe.

  1. Cathee Cohen

    As usual beautiful photos capturing the essence of what this disease has done in your country and the rest of the world. Stay healthy my friend

    1. Manoj

      Thank you so much Cathee! Take care of yourself and stay safe. If possible don’t forget to shoot pictures. I’m pretty sure, it’ll be a great memory.

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