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Memories that last forever!


Posted on July 31, 2014 Stories

Sometimes, there comes feeling like we’re on top of the world. A person used to say that: many times, there’s no word to describe how do we feel and the extent of feelings and happiness can’t be expressed. I am having the similar kind of time right now, don’t know how and what exactly to say about my feelings. But still trying my best to share those memory capturing moments that I experienced in these few days of time . And ,these days, I’ve been experiencing those moments time and again.

I was not having great time and the day when we went to Dhulikhel for residential camp for three days on June 27 till June 29, I was expecting to make those three days memorable. As expected, I had many good memories to take along with me after the camp. I vividly remember the time when I along with two of my very close friends shared each others’ stories of our lives until 5:30 in the morning, the walks till late night and the times we all missed one very good friend of ours (Manish) and funny talks with Samrat Sigdel, the most humorous person in our circle, Saurav showing his acrobatics skills by jumping in the bed over and over again (Saurav, a very close friend), Samrat Sigdel’s sleeping position and his expressions during late night phone calls, and the moments while leaving the place. All those memories are still fresh in my mind.

   Next event that has a lot of memories for me to hold is the night-stay during the semi-final match of world cup between Brazil and Germany, filled with Mafia game – probably the most humorous game ever played among all the night-stays . Brasil being brutally beaten and Ujjwol (a die-heart fan of chelsea and Brasil) was almost quiet during the whole game, talks while sleeping after the match and saurav showing his anger towards us even though we ignored it most of the times.
And the most recent one : Journey to Osho tapoban journey. 9 of us from Smart Club headed towards Osho tapoban after a short lunch break and mafia game as usual after completing Smart club session. It was a hot day with cool people. After a walk of around 1 hour from Machhapokhari, we reached there with tired legs and body. When we entered inside, I was feeling a bit different from the usual. We were there for satsang, but didn’t get a chance to get inside the hall as it was already packed. So, we decided to walk around. I began experiencing the positive vibes inside me. Slowly, I was feeling more lively than before, more refreshed, mind : musical and the most important of all enjoying as much as I could. Short meditation, playing and photo session in water fall, lunch while returning, award ceremony to binod (a cool friend), and lastly the moment of the day: nepali satra(session). And, I feel blessed to have all those amazing memories along with me These are some of those many experiences that I have had which make me alive and lively. Now, I am hopeful that better and similar days are coming frequently time and again which are giving me memories to reminisce in the future and I am hoping to one day proudly say “Yes! I’ve lived my life to the fullest !”

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