Nepal Lockdown
Photos of Lockdown in Nepal; Day 3 in Kathmandu |

Photos of Lockdown in Nepal; Day 3 in Kathmandu


Posted on March 30, 2020 Travel/Photography

Lockdown in Nepal

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic throughout the world, Nepal is in lockdown like many other countries. The people are restricted from getting out of their houses. Because of the complete lockdown, the roads are almost empty, shops  closed and other than the emergency works and essential  goods & services, everything else are closed. The violators of these rules are punished by the police (if found). Nepal police, health workers and the service providers are doing a great job. Their hard-work and efforts are highly commendable.

However, plenty of posts on social media (police punishing the public) are going viral. Some of them are totally unjustifiable. I highly condemn the acts done by those authorities. One of such posts, that really touched my heart was a man carrying gas cylinder being punished by the police officer. Seeing the post made me so helpless and also my blood boil. I hope such inhuman acts wouldn’t continue in days to come.

Nepal Police and lockdown

Source: Milan Rai (Facebook)

On the brighter side, Nepal Police headquarter has officially announced to investigate on the issue and take necessary action. The response from the officials and listening to the public opinions is a commendable action taken by the Police.

There are some other posts as such which are completely unacceptable. Maybe we need to train the authorities something about “COMMON SENSE”. It might have sounded too offensive and rude but I have had experiences with them in many instances too (even during this lockdown time).

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Okay! Enough of complains for now. Let’s move on to the content of this blog.

Day 3 in Kathmandu (Boudhanath Area)

A day before the lockdown was announced, I was staying at my aunt’s place in Kapan. It was already late and so couldn’t return that day. So I had to remain there. For two days, I tried doing every possible thing to make my time and stay productive. Since everyone along with the people renting there were staying home and sharing internet, it was kind of frustrating. The internet was slow and so couldn’t watch movie, stream YouTube, no social media and any other things related to internet. Normally, I would carry a book with me but sadly I didn’t have one during that time. So, on the third day of Nepal lockdown, I decided to come to my room (located in Nayabasti, Jorpati). I woke up early in the morning. And headed to my room. Good thing; I had my camera with me.

Around 45 minutes of walk turned out to be a Nepal lockdown photowalk for me. With this post, I am sharing the photos of Nepal lockdown (Day 3); journey from Kapan to Nayabasti.

Corona lockdown

A man stands still by the road trying to figure out what’s written in the banners. Location: Boudhanath road.

Coronavirus covid19 Nepal

A shopkeeper makes subtle eye contact with me. Location: Near Nayabasti Club, Jorpati.

Coronavirus lockdown

A woman trying to observe what’s going on outside on the streets. Location: Near Boudha Pipalbot.

Covid19 lockdown

A woman carrying vegetables rushes to get to her home. Location: Somewhere in between Mahankal and Boudha.

Covid19 Nepal lockdown

A young Buddhist monk crosses the empty road in front of Stupa Hospital, Boudha Pipalbot.

Empty Boudha

Empty Boudhanath Stupa.

lock down Nepal

A woman heading towards vegetable market. Location: Nayabasti Club, Jorpati.

Lockdown days in Nepal

The bicyclists returning home after their night duties and the passerbies on the background. Location: Near Boudha Pipalbot.

lockdown life

A woman returns after buying vegetables from nearby vegetable shop. Location: In front of Boudhanath Stupa.

lockdown Nepal

A woman engaging her kid in the plantation work. It’s so inspiring to see this. I’m pretty sure this kid will grow up learning to distinguish between organic and junk foods. No doubt what the right choice would be. Hats off to the mother!


Meat shop Covid19

People lining up to buy meat. Location: Nayabasti Club, Jorpati.


National lockdown

An elderly man tries to warm himself up in the morning sunlight. Location: Mahankal

Nepal lock down

A man dressed in Nepali cultural dress; Daura Suruwal buying vegetable. Location: Boudha Pipalbot.

Nepal Lockdown

Social Distancing. Location: Milanchowk, Kapan

Shops closed

Closed “Guddoo Motorcyle Workshop”. Location: Nayabasti, Club, Jorpati.

Vegetable shop covid19

Queuing up for the turn to get vegetables. Location: Nayabasti, Jorpati.

Thank you so much taking your time and effort to go through all of these photos. Which one was the best photo of all? Let me know!

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Stay home, stay safe and take care of yourself. And let’s remind ourselves that life is amazing regardless of the situation we are currently in. Much love <3


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    Pictures are awesome and it makes sense.

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      Thank you so much Swagat!

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