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Inevitable Dream …..


Posted on May 19, 2015 Stories

Unusual weather, clouds wandering around, winds striking here and there without knowing where the actual destination is, the chirping of birds getting considerably higher and higher and tensed signaling something terrible is happening soon, street dogs hovering, thunders rumbling frequently. Sitting behind the window pane, I was watching all these activities helplessly not knowing what exactly was going on.

         Gradually, the situation started getting worse. People began to get out of their houses and sprinted towards the streets. They cried, they shouted, they startled, they were anxious, worried and had no clue what to do next. They started to share their bizarre feelings among others. Amid such indistinct trance, I woke up with complete bewilderment and terror. The entire body turned out to be numb, stiff and then shivered. Mind began to visualize about the unnecessary stuff adding the intensity of the fear. Soon after, the realization came to me that I was still half-conscious. Only thing that was holding me still was; everything that I had been witnessing happened to be false. Even when I completely got out of the shock, the trauma didn’t left me. Rushing to the other room, I saw father, mother and sister enjoying watching television and brother playing computer games. That was a moment of sheer relief seeing the family members safe and sound.

       Still, I was having real hard time to console myself from the distressed state. A thousand and one thoughts were passing by the mind. None of them allowing me to respond rationally. By and by , I was trying to calm myself saying; “nothing will happen and everything’s going to be fine” but again how could such insignificant statements help to cool me up when I was mentally wrecked.

That was the moment when I realized only positive thinking could do nothing to change the mindset of a person.

     I couldn’t focus on what I was doing. Whether it be eating, studying or working, all the activities I would do used to be half-hearted. The only thing that would take a trip around my mind was about the dream time and again. Few hours later, the room where I along with my brother and mother was sitting started trembling.

The dream which I thought was just an imaginary tale started holding reality.It felt like the whole occurrence is the replication of what I envisioned earlier. 

The power of the tremor was getting higher and higher and so was the level of the fear mounting. After sometime, the quivering halted and there was no harm done in the house, yet everyone was frightened. We were out in the open field where all the people of the community had gathered. Few hours later, we knew that all the family members from the village were safe and sound as well but the houses were completely ruined.

      Roaming around the community, I saw many people were frazzled and anxious for not having to communicate with the family members who had gone out of the houses.

    Regardless of all the destruction and demolition, this tremor granted me the opportunity to observe the value people offer towards their life. At the same time, alertness the people had even in very tiny affairs was worth observing. I came to know about myself too knowing the level of fear and patience I had.

      Afterwards, the people who were safe and sound were truly giving their full efforts into rescue work and later on the collection and distribution of relief materials. Considering these ongoing process proceeds further, the prosperity and well-being of the destructed places is not faraway. And, I am glad seeing all the post-earthquake actions. I feel grateful taking a moment to appreciate all the hard-working people who have constantly spent days and nights for the welfare of the affected people.


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