Reflection of India tour through facebook updates… |

Reflection of India tour through facebook updates…


Posted on December 20, 2014 Travel/Photography

India tour through facebook updates…

During the mid-October until mid-November, I along with my fellow  friends had traveled to India as a part of Global Citizen Course-2014.  One month of Journey and a lot of  things to remember for the lifetime. Here I present those memories in terms of facebook updates even though there were a lot of un-updated posts and thought of not including them. Here we go 🙂

Before departure to India

27 october, 2014 

Mumbai doesn’t sleep and so we don’t. Observing the infrastructure and contrast in the lifestyle of people and exploring the city at the same time.

— at Mumbai Colaba.

29 october, 2014

Day:3 , Mumbai

Had a reality tour to the most populated slum. Got to know a lot about the existing situation of slums,their daily lifestyle,living status and economic activity.
It was great to be a part being there in the tour.
Still, lot to come and lot to experience.
PS- Mumbai’s too hot ;-(

1 Nov

Realisation: “Language”, its not a prob and cant bother if someone really wants to know.
watched HINDI movie for the first time in my life : Happy New Year .

3 Nov

I thought getting something on half the price is more than enough. we could get almost quarter the price
Spent the whole day on bargaining!

— with Kapil Adhikari and Manju Shrestha at Mumbai Colaba.

4 nov

Despite knowing that water is not clean, you can’t stop going there and enjoy the splashes and sand along with it.

— at Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai.

Every 10 people die each day from rail in Mumbai. And , seeing the crowd, it feels like the whole population of India is within this station.I am fortunate to have traveled safely from train many times.

— at Churchgate,Mumbai, India

5 nov

What more to expect to have ended the day other than having a random musical session with the strangers and turning out to be friends afterwards.
PS : Its been days, getting up after 10 am and into bed after 1 AM with the satisfied soul.

— with Kapil Adhikari and Parit Shrestha at Marine Drive- Mumbai.

Here I am standing all alone, in between the train station and the street wondering seeing the crowd of people. And, I am enjoying it.

feeling wonderful at Dadar Western Railway,Mumbai.

7 nov

That amazing feeling when you’re on the roof-top restaurant, Hotel Taj and Gateway of India being on the sides, Arabic Sea in front with colorfully lighted boats, moon staring at us with the brightest of light it can produce.

— with Sirisa Outhh and Kapil Adhikari at Bay View, Hotel Harbour View.

8 nov

The learning process becomes even more effective when there’s discussion about the life experiences and relating with global issues. Having productive talks with awesome people

— with Kapil Adhikari and 2 others at Mumbai Colaba, India

11 nov

Day : 1
Just a random walk for general overview of the place and swimming at sea after midnight.

Day : 2

knowing the place better with learning objective being on the theme ‘Tourism’ relating with various aspects like culture, crimes and security.
Boat cruise in the evening.
Here I am in Goa .. 

Goa, India

You enjoy hours staying there

— at Miramar Beach,Goa, India

13 nov

Typical Indian dish.
It feels great to have a dish without coconut and much spice

— with Sirisa Outhh at Panjim City.


13 Nov

The day starts with tiredness and ends with refreshment. And I guessed this Is what happens In Goa.

17 Nov

The perfect way to start week off, hired bikes and the adventure begins. The day along with the evening went great being to the extreme north of Goa. And the fun time in Keri beach with the view of sunset right in front us.
Still a week to go and lot to explore in Calangute.

— with Paras Rijal and 4 others in Calangute.

20 Nov

GCC Men’s night out !

By the side of Baga beach ,we are having lively discussions about life and reflections of india trip so far.

— with Som Chaudhary and 5 others at Baga Beach.

21 Nov

Its already morning and still we are having dance party in the beach singing nepali songs.

— with Paras Rijal and Parit Shrestha at Calangute Beach, Goa.

24 Nov

Back to Nepal after 1 month long India trip. Leaving behind all those places and embracing the memories and the feelings.



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