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Hope and Positivity during Lockdown

A lot of countries are under lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. It is estimated that around 20% of the global population is under lockdown because of this pandemic. Today, the world is facing serious impacts in terms of social, economic and political aspects. We are in need of hope and positive energy more than ever. Mobility has greatly reduced and people are suffocated as they are obliged to stay inside their home. Even though lockdown has been in operation (complete or flexible), there is no immediate sign of progress. No experts have been able to predict what’s going to happen in near future. “Let’s watch and see!” is the best possible answer anyone can give and is most likely digestible to many as well. 

While people are bored with repetitive schedules such as waking up, eating, watching TV, surfing internet, completing all the unfinished projects, it is truly important to have hope and positivity throughout the day. When I talk to people, I hear them say (most of the times) that they expect days to end quicker. On the contrary, days end up slowly than they expect. So with lesser options to do, people are more likely to lose hope and faith. 

Italy is under lockdown since 9th of March, 2020. We can easily imagine the situation there. But still plenty of positive videos are shared online. They are symbols of hope and strength during the dire situation. Such stuffs inspire me and I get rejuvenated with positivity.

In Nepal itself, we are having lockdown since 24th March, 2020. It might be obvious that people getting bored, losing hope and desperately waiting to go out, breath fresh outside and continue normal life again. Even though, I am keeping my faith and hopes alive, I too am feeling bored with this habitual routine. 

Anyways, there is nothing we can do about the situation other than embrace it and move forward accordingly. I am pretty sure that the situation is going to be over soon. Hope and Faiths alive! 

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Self Photography Challenge

When I look at the sky, I get inspired. And capturing blue color of the sky in photographs is the motivation behind this photography challenge. Because the color blue signifies faith, truth, and stability. These are the attributes that we are currently seeking. Also, blue color provides us with calming effect.

Through this photo-blog, I want to portray hope and positivity. It is a photo challenge that I took by myself during this lockdown period. Since there is nothing much to do during the lockdown period, I thought of doing a photo project capturing the moments staying home. Here are the photos I think give us some hope and positivity that we desperately are looking for during this period of time.

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Let’s move on to the photos now:

Quarantine Hope


Hopeful lockdown

Kathmandu lockdown

Lockdown photography


Quarantine in Nepal

Quarantine in Kathmandu

Photography: Hope

Stay Hopeful

Hopeful Photography in quarantine

Corona Lockdown Photography

Kathmandu Quarantine Photo

Quarantine Photo for hope

Quarantine photo

Lockdown Hopeful

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Conclusion; Let’s stay hopeful!

Thank you so much for going through the photo-blog. I hope you liked the photos and got some positivity and hope.

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If I am to suggest anyone about staying energetic and positive throughout the day, keeping oneself productive and avoiding negativity would be the keys. As it’s said “There’s always light at the end of every tunnel. Some tunnels just happen to be longer than others.”, I am keenly awaiting for the light to come. Let’s stay positive and share positive stories and avoid negativity as much as possible. Cheers! 

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