Greta Thunberg’s School Strike For Climate: Fridays For Future Nepal!

Greta Thunberg and School Strike

Greta Thunberg, a 16 years old Swedish Environmental Activist has been conducting School Strikes demanding the stoppage of fossil fuels use and climate justice. He began her protest in August 2018. Since then she has been widely covered by the media and got her the global recognition. 

She used to skip going to school and instead stayed outside of the Swedish Parliament trying to pressurize them for strongly act upon the global climate change. Soon after, more students joined her and later, it turned out to be a global environmental campaign as well. It was commonly known as “Fridays For Future”.

In her protest, she demanded that the Swedish Government should be reducing the Carbon Emission as per the understanding mentioned in the Paris Agreement. The reason why she began the protest is because she says that the adults who are supposed to be the caretakers have become ignorant and are doing nothing to protect the environment.

Millions of students throughout the globe are inspired by Greta’s work. A lot of them have changed their lifestyles in a way which result in lesser carbon footprint. An example can be transitioning into veganism and opting public transport over private vehicles.

Fridays For Future in Nepal

The school strikes for Climate were held in different parts of the world. In Nepal as well, there were various protests marking the global call for action against threatening climate change. This photo-blog is from the Fridays For Future strike that was held in front of the UN House, Pulchowk. 

Young Activists

This picture speaks a volume to me. The kid seems to be worried but I am not sure if he knows why is he there for.  Are we securing his rights to clean and healthy environment? *Sighs*

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Climate Activists

According to a climate activist, Luisa Neubauer, the number of people involved in the school strike were
~500 000 in Montreal
~50 000 in Barcelona
~150 000 in Madrid
~80 000 in Vienna
~40 000 in the NL (Netherlands)
~70 000 in Sweden
~170 000 in NZ (New Zealand)
~ 1 M in Italy
This is millions of people deciding to not be part of the problem but part of the answer to this crisis. This is change. #FridaysForFuture

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Climate Change Protest

Hundreds of school students, youth, environment activists and stakeholders were present there during the protest.

Climate Justice Now

A protester demanding for Climate Justice right now!

Climate Justice

A group of school students actively protesting against the global climate crisis. “Killing Tree is Killing Us!”

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Climate Protection


Climate Strike Kathmandu

This is a very powerful quote. Everyone of us is responsible for what’s happening in the world right now. “It’s only 1 straw, 1 plastic bag, 1 plastic cup said 8 billion people.”

Climate Strike Protest

“Fridays For Future”

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Climate Strike

The enthusiastic and vibrant school students marching on towards the UN House, Pulchowk, Lalitpur.

Environment Activists

Bikash (Development) is Right, Binash (Destruction) is wrong.

Fridays For Future Nepal

The construction of Nijgadh Airport is on the rise and so the very protest was emphasized against it as well. They were against the idea of construction of airport at Nijgadh because of massive destruction of forests (around 2.5 million trees) and also serious impact on flora and fauna. 

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Fridays for Future


Global Climate Change Strike


Global Climate Strike

“ANIMALS ARE FRIENDS, NOT FOOD!”. This was very striking. One of the prime reasons why we are in the 6th phase of mass extinction is also because of global warming. And the animal farming is the biggest contributor for that. Maybe a high time that we stop the consumption of meat?

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Global Warming

Globally, ice is melting and it’s the time we take some serious actions to mitigate this. Don’t you think so? 

Greta Thunberg

“What are you waiting for? I am here because OLDER GENERATION has FAILED!”

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Nepal Climate Strike

Nisedhit Kshetra (Restricted Area)”. The students were in the protest outside of UN House and they were denied by the police. Isn’t it an irony? 

Nijgadh Airport Protest

Dui Arba Rupaiyaa OXYGEN ko Naash, ani kasari ferne Saash! #SaveNijgadh (Nijgadh Bachau)” The translation is something like this: If Oxygen worth 20 billion rupees is cut down, how are we supposed to breath fresh air? #SaveNijgadh

Save Nijgadh

More power to Greta, her global campaign; Fridays for Future campaign and her supporters throughout the world. May the global leaders recognize the urgency to change the existing situation of climate change and environmental crisis that we are undergoing. 

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