Is Gillette’s recent Ad Offensive? A Message about Toxic Masculinity! |

Is Gillette’s recent Ad Offensive? A Message about Toxic Masculinity!


Posted on January 22, 2019 Social Issues

Gillette’s recent Ad!

Gillette; a brand of safety razors and skin care products is owned by a multi-national corporation Proctor and Gamble. Gillette’s Tagline used to be “The Best A Man Can Get” for last 30 years or so and currently it has switched to “The Best Men Can Be” and it comes up with inspiring short film like this:

Recently, Gillette published an advertisement about toxic masculinity and it’s been highly criticized for being offensive towards men. And most of the offended ones are men.

If you’ve not watched the commercial until now. Here’s it:

The Gillette Ad has tried to share the message regarding Toxic Masculinity. I was not much aware of this subject before watching the video. And so let’s start with the basics of Toxic Masculinity.

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Toxic Masculinity

Before trying to understand Toxic Masculinity, it is important to know what Masculinity is. Let’s take the dictionary meaning of masculinity. It states that masculinity is the attributes expected as characteristics of men.

Now let’s get to toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity is the socially designated negative manhood behavior and attitude of men. The attitudes are commonly limited by violent, aggressive and sexual behavior. It also means suppression of emotional being and portraying oneself as a strong bold character even though he’s not.

For example; there’s a belief system embedded that man-woman interactions are extensively regarded as competitive rather than cooperative. Similarly, if a man talks about being abused or emotional breakdown, he is considered a loser and a matter of shame.

After all it’s about being sexually dominant and emotional pretension even during emotional turmoil and burnt out situations.

Now, let’s get back to the topic.

Is the Ad offensive?

After watching the video, what do you think of it? Is it offensive?

I don’t know what did you think of it but I didn’t find it to be offensive at all. The video has beautifully tried to put limelight in a very sensitive issue and has been able to gather huge attention within a short period of time.

In a span of just over a week, the video has been watched over 24 Million times. However, it has got 1.2 Million down votes and 680 thousand up votes until now.

In the video, issues regarding toxic masculinity, bullying, sexist media are presented. Similarly, it has presented a positive overview of #MeToo movement.

However, the only downside of the ad I’d say is; it was not very cool to use women as mere props. When they’re being eve-teased at, there were men trying to stop those behaviors and not the women to defend themselves.

I really liked the message “We Believe Best in Men”. That was very powerful. The video urges to change the notion of “Boys will be boys” and go beyond the societal expectations.

It’s not about anti-men but about the bad behaviors that have been happening in today’s world.

The Gillette Ad is about the kids getting negative lessons of how one becomes masculine and it urges everyone of us to be a good example.

It’s about speaking up even regardless of who the wrongdoer is. Doesn’t matter if the culprit is our closest friend.

If a man eve teases or bullies a woman, it isn’t cool. It’s as simple as that. And he should be responsible for that action if he does so.

Presenting the ongoing negative instances and contemporary issues of our society, the Ad has well captured the sad reality. And it has challenged every man to be the best version of himself. That’s what I thought was the conveying message of the commercial.

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Public Opinion about “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette”

When my friend shared this video, I was following this the updates closely. The more I was into it, the funnier it felt. I was really surprised seeing the attitude of men towards the messages presented.

After seeing the Gillette Ad, I think the egos of those guilty men have been badly hurt and they got the perfect time to put in their frustration out. Egard Watches put this beautiful video stressing on the positive side of men. But spare few minutes of your time reading comments and you’ll be amazed. This is so strange seeing how men are turning their rage into an act of revenge. Here’s the link to the video;

A perfect way to capitalize on the controversy. Egard Watches on the rise now.

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And after reading those toxic and revengeful comments, let’s have a look at some of the tweets which I think are powerful enough to defend the idea of this video.

Perfectly distinguishes Masculinity and Toxic Masculinity.

So true! I couldn’t agree more. Why so insecure about these kinds of powerful messages, isn’t it?

#GilletteAd talking more than business. Something meaningful!

Isn’t it unfair to blame #MeToo Movement as overly saturated one and this video as a stupid marketing campaign?

Why go apeshit? Pointless bro!

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That’s the difference between just knowing and being wise.

Answer: Those stupid people who’re offended with this Ad.

Yes, you got that right!

Some more of these kinds of compelling videos maybe? It’d be great to see how these people react with them.

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The ultimate message I think is; in order to set an example, we have to be an example. And in order to be an example, we need not turn the world upside down.

  • How about not eve-teasing from now onward?
  • How about respecting fellow human beings (men, women and everyone else) not just in the talks but truly from the core of our hearts?
  • How about empathizing a bit more than what we do?

These are more than what can be done to be an EXAMPLE. Are you up for it?

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