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The decision was finalized at the last moment of the registration deadline and yes, we’re all excited to play AIN Futsal cup. The regular practice, player selection and jerseys preparation during the 11th hour, all were adding charm in our participation. The diverse anticipation of how the opponents are; experimenting heaps of strategies during the practice matches, we couldn’t wait the match to kick off.

The tournament began with huge inauguration; the keenness of opponents and who would take the trophy home was growing more than before. The next day of tournament, we had three matches to play and the first game kicked with huge applause and cheers from the audience. A bit of nervousness, a bit of bewilderment, a bit of hope and more of courage was going on with me. But I had the continual instinct “we could win this match!!!” Few minutes in game, BANG! It was a goal and the crowd started jumping off, shouting even more. The actual feeling I got; we are playing futsal match.

The hot day and mental pressure, everyone had them. But what would matter the most was performance which should in return bring positive result to the team. The second opponent was ruthlessly beaten by another team of the same group we shared. We’re on high with the win in the first one with huge margin 8-0 and also confident enough to beat them as well. The game commenced and the shots were shot at random; who cares! Few of the shots were only wasted because we all knew the opponents were relatively weaker and we would win the match.  Oh no, paradigm shift! We got beaten by 3-2.

The third one would surely be tougher and we were aware of that. They already had 2 wins from 2 and already qualified for the next round. It was a must win match for us to go through. Unfortunate us, we couldn’t win that one.

But again, we had another chance, wait for the others result. And again unlucky us; that didn’t happen to be in our favor; why would it be, when we ourselves couldn’t capitalize our fate. That was a sharp pinch; we’re not able to qualify.  “You’re a loser, could not even qualify for the next round!” was striking time and again from deep down. I was questioning myself time and again; why is it so difficult to accept loss when you’re thrilled right after the win? Is it because you’re not used to losing; no, not really. Losing has been dominant part of my life. But again, why? The unanswered question….


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  1. takelifeasitcomes says:

    Everyone plays to win ! But that is not the only thing that matters. Imagine you playing against a tough opponent. Both gives the best shot but only one wins. just with a small margin. Imagine yourself playing against a very weak team. You win with a BIG margin.

    Winning doesn’t matter all the time ! What matters is how much hard you push yourself ahead !

    When you fight hard, you actually enjoy. Not just a game, but also your life. Easy win is boring ! But stay alive to tell your stories about hard fought battles that you lost. Both win and lose are needed to balance the life. If you never lose, you will never cherish a win. Just like day and night. Just like happiness and sadness. Life and Death ! Just like you and me.

    We know the fact, but we do not easily accept 🙂

    1. manojisyoung says:

      True that!
      Acceptance has been the hardest thing in the loss.
      But the important thing to understand is not letting ourselves contemplate on the same thing all the time.
      Moving; thats what we need to be. But, the loss tends to hinder in our progress at times. Its not the end, and there’s long way to go in life.
      Thanks a lot! 🙂

  2. Kaustuv says:

    Manoj, Winning and losing is a part of life. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Like they say “when you lose, don’t lose the lesson” Stay positive, dont stop playing and you will definitely be a better person and a better athlete. All the best.

    1. manojisyoung says:

      Thank You Kaustuv Dai!
      Yes, winning or losing is a part of life. But I am talking about the acceptance part. Extracting the lessons is certainly the best part of losing but again, that loss always hovers around.
      Yeah! Now, its fine. We cannot always think of that loss. Get going and maybe we can do present ourselves in the best way possible in days to come.

  3. Prasannaa says:

    Wow so beautifully written. I enjoyed your writing! And plus the final touch of the writing is so amazing! Love!

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