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Posted on July 6, 2016 Stories


There is a fine contrast between the two. Neither the river beneath the bridge flowing between them nor the bridge itself is responsible for the segregation. The well-built still and stable bridge so far has been the path to many in the now and then, will be in days to come as well. The river underneath the bridge is moving; limitless water migrates. The river selflessly transfers purity from source to unknown world into the Blue. The bridge being motionless lets others pass through it and the restless river washes away everything that come along.


The first half is engulfed into darkness and the second one with brightness.

The blankets of dark clouds cover landscape lingering to transform itself into rain droplets and join the river.

On the other hand, brightness lends a supportive hand to the bridge and witnesses everyone passing through the bridge. The darkness surpasses heaviness, awakens the fear within signaling the moment of restfulness. The brightness lightens up and urges everyone to be moving. Isn’t it a contrast?

Love is emotion which the first one embraces and the other occupies hatred.

Happiness becomes the indivisible part of love as compliment. Sadness and despair join along the allies of hatred.

Darkness is brightness; brightness is darkness. Restlessness is motionless; motionless is restlessness. Happiness is sadness; sadness is happiness. Presence is absence; absence is the presence. Lightness is heaviness; heaviness is lightness.

Just the matter of what is instilled, just the matter of movement, just the matter of feeling and more importantly just the matter of existence and the part of eternal process.

The bridge exists only if river exists. The bridge can’t be in motion even if wants to and river is not river if it’s stagnant and stable. And I am here observing and┬ácontemplating all these contrasts in order to introduce in my life. ­čÖé┬á



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