Fewa Lake
After a hectic schedule during the new year days, the end of the week became our travel days. We, the group of six friends went on a bike ride to Pokhara in order to welcome new year 2017. Panch Pokhari Trek, in November 2016 was one of the best travels made in 2016. And, reminding...
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Pashupatinath Temple
About Pashupatinath Temple Pashupatinath Temple, enlisted as the UNESCO world heritage site is situated by the bank of river Bagmati. Also regarded as one of the most holiest and major Hindu temples in the world, it attracts thousands of people each year. Unlike these reasons, Pashupatinath temple attracts me with its multiplicity and contrasts; which...
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Panch Pokhari Trek Panch Pokhari literally means 5 ponds in English. Panch Pokhari is a group of 5 holy lakes situated in Sindhupalchowk district to the north of Kathmandu. Even though the distance between Panch Pokhari and Kathmandu is less than 100 KM, it still remains less discovered and explored. It is regarded as the...
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Background It’s been sometime I am in deep love with camera and photography. Within the span of one and half years, I was fortunate enough to have traveled some places. During the trip, pictures have become one of the best treasures of those places. Here, in this post I have included some of the pictures...
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Kuri- Kalinchowk
Kalinchowk Kalinchowk, situated in Dolakha District in Province No. 3 has recently been trending in social media. Since it is easily accessible; one can choose to either walk 5-9 hours (depending on the pace) from Charikot or reserve vehicles or maybe take a bike until Kuri village. And it takes around 1-2 hours to walk...
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