Oslo Travel
Background of the Oslo Trip… A diary of two days of Oslo, Norway trip which we did in 2017. I along with three friends (Darshan, Pratick and Sapan) of mine traveled to Oslo, Norway from 9th August until 11th August 2017 after spending an amazing two weeks in Sweden for International Youth Media Summit. As it’s...
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Visit Nepal 2020 Opening Ceremony
Visit Nepal 2020 Nepal is celebrating the tourism year 2020 which is entitled as “Visit Nepal 2020”. Throughout the year, Nepal is expecting over 2 million tourists from all around the world. The campaign aims to promote Nepal as one of the best destinations in the world. Earlier the campaign was planned for the year...
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Broken Hill
Road Trip to Mungo National Park and Broken Hill During my visit to Australia, I along with my childhood friend and three other friends had traveled to Mungo National Park and surprisingly visited Broken Hill as well. Originally the plan was to travel to Great Barrier Reef (which I had always fantasized since my school...
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Visit in Perth
Perth Perth is the fourth most populated city in Australia and is the capital of Western Australia (WA). A lot of people are migrating to the city of Perth because of the growing economy and opportunities, amazing landscapes, diverse and vibrant yet a serene city! Also, Perth is an important hub for tourism; the state...
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Nepal ropai
Since my early childhood, I had a huge fascination with Ropai (rice plantation). Born in a  village, I was fortunate enough to witness agricultural activities the whole year around. And as I now recall those moments, I get smiles on my face. Last two weekends, I was there in Khokana; one of the medieval towns...
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