Observing Nature
Lenses are those bits of our lives which define our values. If anyone’s aim is to be an politician his lens will be to be socially compliant but if someone believes in business then s/he would have an economically enriching mind set. For me, my lenses or values of life constantly changed and that happened...
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Sometimes, there comes feeling like we’re on top of the world. A person used to say that: many times, there’s no word to describe how do we feel and the extent of feelings and happiness can’t be expressed. I am having the similar kind of time right now, don’t know how and what exactly to...
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The One that Got away; a story of my long curly hair!!! Sometimes , I open the drawer of my bed and I can see my hair packed in a bag . That small pack of my hair gives quite a lot of memories since 15 months or so. I’m grateful to have got new...
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