Sunset, Sweden
International Youth Media Summit (IYMS) International Youth Media Summit (IYMS) is a two week event that brings young people from all around the globe to create media projects which aim to inspire youth to take action and responsibility for the future. By confronting and examining the global pertinent issues and at the same time exploring...
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Travel Diary
A Solo traveler writes a letter to his mom while he’s on his travel. The travel diary is entitled “A travel diary; a traveler’s letter to his mom sharing his travel experience!” Here’s how his travel diary goes… “Dear Mom, Namaste from the altitude of 4500m, distance of more than 500 kilometers and separation of more...
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Smart Club
The Beginning of the Journey… “Smart Club; an open platform for public speaking and debating for young people“, a commonly heard statement in my as well as many friends of my circle. One fine morning, I got to join Smart Club with my brother (as he used to be a regular member that time). Playing a...
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I don’t exactly know when I’ve known her but it feels like I’ve known her for ages. The countless butterflies in the stomach, moments of happiness and despair shared together, the unending conversation. The words can’t explain how happy I was when she used to compliment me genuinely. As a boy I was always supposed...
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A thought popped! A different thought popped in my mind while strolling around. Here it goes my thought! In everyone’s life, it’s always been crest and trough; whether that be emotions, progress, love and relationships, work, friendship among many others. Sometimes, there’s steadiness in crest and in other times trough. Even the stability in heart...
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