The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck
The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck “Giving too many fucks is bad for you.” This is one of the best lines from the book; The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck and another one being “Who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for.” The book is by far...
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Into The Wild
Best movies of all time I am not a movie freak as much as some of my friends are. Personally, I’d choose reading books over watching movies. But at times, I do watch movies whenever I am free. Within a span of a few years, I’ve got to watch a few hundred movies and little...
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Dale carnegie
How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence people published in 1936 is one of the best-selling books of all time. Over 16 million copies have been sold already and it was on the 19th number on Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential books.  Library of...
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Saunak Bhatta
Best YouTube Channels of Nepal In this blog, I have compiled a list of Nepali YouTubers ranging from Vloggers to Musicians to Cinematic Videos to Travel Videos to Visual Stories among others and I think they are the best in what they do. Not all of them are renowned as they should be according to...
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Power of Good Habits “Install good habits and only then you can have control over your life!” I remember my grandfather telling me while I was a kid. Every now and then, I remind myself of the saying and plan to ingrain the good habits in my everyday life. Undeniably habits are the results of...
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