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My Best photos of the year 2017! #Mojphotography #year2017 |

My Best photos of the year 2017! #Mojphotography #year2017


Posted on December 30, 2017 Travel/Photography

My Best Photos of the year 2017!

My Best Photos of the year 2017; a post with the aim of reflecting the year 2017 through photographic journey in the very year. It’s almost the end of 2017 and reflect back at the amazing moments, connections with people and after all a great learning experience.

My 7 Best Portrait photos of the year 2017!

Here are my 7 best portrait photos from this year 2017. Most of them are from my trip to Jumla during the month of June.Kid PortraitThe world is confined within her eyes! Didn’t you see? Watch them again… <3 The shot was taken while I was on a trip to Jumla. My blog about Jumla: ShotLook at his eyes!!! PASSSIONATE, Isn’t it? <3 I met this amazing soul while strolling around Jumla Bazaar. His eyes immediately caught my attention. He was smoking then. I was a bit hesitant to ask him for a photograph. But I really wanted to take a photo of him. Hesitantly, I asked him for a photo and he agreed. I fell in love with his eyes; such a passionate eyes!!! After a face to face shot, I was more selfish about photographing. I wanted to take more shots of him. He was continuing to smoke again. And I was not done with taking his photos. Wanted to take a candid shot. I was having conversation with him. And I was lucky enough to get this shot. Eventually content with the shot, we bid farewell to each other. What a lovely meeting that was. My blog about Jumla: PortraitTitle: INNOCENTLY SMILING!!! Shot at Sinja, Jumla while she was about to leave for her school. My blog about Jumla:

Nepali man

The Sulfa Smoker!!!! During my two days stay, I had very good conversation with this man. At first he was very shy talking to me and was teasing me with the nickname Dhami. But after sometimes, he was comfortable and talked for hours. Told me about his family, the village, villagers and his life stories too. Shot at Malika Bota, Jumla. Malika Bota is the gateway for the trekkers to Rara Lake in Mugu District. My blog about Jumla:

Innocent Kid

Curiosity!!! Even after shooting few shots of her, she was very curios about what I was doing. I showed her the pictures and still she was not convinced, She wanted to know more. But I had no idea at all! She left me awestrucked. Shot at Jumla. My blog about Jumla:

Oslo, Moj Photography

Rest, Motion and Reflection; all in one! Photo captured in slow shutter speed. This photo was shot while traveling to Oslo after International Youth Media Summit (IYMS). My experience in the 12th Internatinal Youth Media Summit;


Because of the emotions this picture carry, I think it’s one of my best photos of the year 2017. And I believe, the color contrast is simply amazing as well. It was shot in Fewa Lake while we were on a trip to Pokhara.

My 9 Best Landscape/ Nature/ Closeup Photos of the year 2017!

Since it was the first year with me carrying my own camera and I was more into Kids portraits, I didn’t click other categories photos much. But still managed to select 9 out of them.

Langtang trek

A fine morning! Shot somewhere in Langtang region while trekking to Kyanjim Gompa. Sadly, we couldn’t complete the trek because of health reasons. And we were almost there in Kyanjim Gompa but had to return from there. Incomplete trek but full of complete memories. 🙂

Photos of the year 2017

A perfect start of the day! Shot during the photo assignment of Kasara Resort at Kasara, Chitwan in February, 2017. Check out this amazing place:

Moj Photography

It’s shot with 50mm f1.8 and heavily cropped. Still the details are clean and so I think it’s one of my best shots of this year 2017.

Moj Photography

A beautiful Sunset!!! Shot during the social time of IYMS- 2017 which was held in Falkenberg, Sweden. If you want to know more about my experience in IYMS 2017, check it out:

Moj Photography

This picture was taken while I along with three of my friends were traveling to Oslo. And it was shot in Holmenkolen, one of the touristic destinations in the city.

Tsho rolpa

Clouds over Rolwaling valley; on the way to Tsho Rolpa Glacial Lake. Tsho rolpa Lake is situated in Dolakha district which lies to the North of Kathmandu. My blog about Tsho Rolpa:

Chitwan Kasara

Blue hour in the early cold chilly morning!!! Shot at Kasara, Chitwan.

Gosainkunda Trek

Shot during the golden hour! From the trek to Gosainkunda at the end of the year 2017. Gosaikunda Trek is one of the most popular trekking destinations of Nepal and is also very near from Kathmandu Valley. My blog about Gosaikunda:

Flower Closeup

Closeup shot of a flower with dew in the morning. It was shot with a 50mm f1.8 lens.

Which one did you like the most among all these photos? Let me know if you have any comments, suggestions and feedbacks. Also share your beautiful moments of this year! Happy new year everyone 🙂 🙂


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  1. Deep Kunwar says:

    wow! such a beautiful collections. I liked each photos you selected afore but the second last from Landscape taken from above clouds and the first photo from the portrait group ; those two are just amazing!
    mostly liked , keep it up man! good luck for more amazing collections in 2018

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