Kuri- Kalinchowk
Kalinchowk Kalinchowk, situated in Dolakha District in Province No. 3 has recently been trending in social media. Since it is easily accessible; one can choose to either walk 5-9 hours (depending on the pace) from Charikot or reserve vehicles or maybe take a bike until Kuri village. And it takes around 1-2 hours to walk...
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  I am sure we must have heard the statement “Don’t worry,be happy!” when we feel low and also we all are well- acquainted it’s easier said than done. Being “Happy” is not something other people have control upon us except in few cases. And, I guess the statement holds too much of ridiculousness; I...
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Background of the dream! Before the early dawn; I was in a deep sleep when I had an unusual dream. The dream  was about destruction, the unexpected happenings and unpredictable post-event consequences. Along with the rising of sun, I woke up with a heavy heart. Gradually, the day began and continued like any other day....
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Unusual weather, clouds wandering around, winds striking here and there without knowing where the actual destination is, the chirping of birds getting considerably higher and higher and tensed signaling something terrible is happening soon, street dogs hovering, thunders rumbling frequently. Sitting behind the window pane, I was watching all these activities helplessly not knowing what...
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India tour through facebook updates… During the mid-October until mid-November, I along with my fellow  friends had traveled to India as a part of Global Citizen Course-2014.  One month of Journey and a lot of  things to remember for the lifetime. Here I present those memories in terms of facebook updates even though there were...
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