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11 Amazing Places to Visit in Perth! |

11 Amazing Places to Visit in Perth!


Posted on September 20, 2019 Travel/Photography


Perth is the fourth most populated city in Australia and is the capital of Western Australia (WA). A lot of people are migrating to the city of Perth because of the growing economy and opportunities, amazing landscapes, diverse and vibrant yet a serene city! Also, Perth is an important hub for tourism; the state of Western Australia alone attracting 964,000 visitors during the year. (Source: Tourism Research Australia, Govt. of WA). Make a guess the spending these 61,000 people made in the year 2018. $1 million? $10 million? No! It was $2.19 billion. And that was the lowest in the last 5 years. Surprising right?

Anyways, I feel blessed to have traveled to Perth.  

After the International Youth Media Summit- 2018 in Sydney last year, three of us (Sapan, Upakar and I) traveled to Perth. Initially, we planned to stay there for a week or so but ended up staying for two weeks. I had not heard of Perth as a travel destination before. To my surprise, this place turns out to be one of the most amazing places I have ever been to in my life. 

In this photo-blog, I am sharing about some of the most amazing places we were fortunate enough to travel during the Perth stay.

Let’s get started! 

1. Busselton

 Busselton is one of the first and foremost places we got to travel to Perth. The curvy wooden jetty is the longest in the southern hemisphere and is 1.8 KM long. It was great to walk along. The Busselton Jetty has an underground observatory as well. We would be able to witness life inhabiting inside the water but we didn’t do that. Instead, I dived and experienced bone-chilling water as it was freezing cold and windy. 


Busselton Australia

Busselton Jetty

Perth Busselton

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2. Canal Rocks

Originally called Winjee Sam, Canal Rocks was another amazing place we got to travel in the initial days of our Perth trip. Formation of amazing rock crevasses is a great thing to witness.

The waves formed by the Indian Ocean and the serene walk along the trail is something to relish. I would stay there for hours and hours without having any other secondary thoughts. What a beautiful place!

Australia Canal Rocks

Canal Rocks Australia

Canal Rocks Perth

Canal Rocks WA

Canal Rocks

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3. Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Kings Park is one of the most popular destinations in Perth which is visited by over 5 million people every year (Source: Government of Western Australia). This place is great for recreation, panoramic views of the city and Swan river are amazing (specially during the night time; the city lights pop up and the views are spectacular), photo-shoots, and walk around the place. We were there a few times and every single time has been a special one. 

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Kings Park

View from Kings Park

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4. Fremantle

Fremantle lies 30-minutes away from the main city. It is one of the main port cities in Western Australia. Cycling, scenic drives, city walks exploring the markets, fishing and swimming are some of the popular activities that can be done in the city of Freemantle. This place is historically important (Fremantle prison is enlisted in the world heritage site). 

Fremantle Beach

Fremantle City


Amazing Facts about Perth

Here are some of the amazing facts about Perth City. Here they are:

  1. Perth is the second most isolated capital city in the world. Another closest city in the country is Adelaide and is 2,200 KM away. Perth is closer to a foreign capital city (Jakarta which is 3007 KM) than the capital city of Australia (i.e. Canberra which is 3905 KM).
  2. The city of Perth has the largest inner city park in the world which is Kings Park and Botanic garden. It is 4.06 Square Kilometers and is even bigger than New York City’s Central Park.
  3. This city is commonly known as “the city of lights”. The US astronaut John Glenn nominated Perth as the highly visible and bright spot on Earth from above. 
  4. Perth is the city which has the highest population per capita of self-made millionaires. It’s mainly because of the mining industries in Western Australia.
  5. You can travel around the center of Perth for free by staying in the Free Transit Zone or using the free CAT buses.

5. Scarborough Beach

Scarborough beach is situated 20 minutes away from Perth city. The tall and still buildings, vibrant environment, mesmerizing sunset, and cool breeze, what more to expect! It was an evening to remember. If we were there during the day time, I am sure I would swim there. I wouldn’t be able to resist myself.

Scarborough Beach

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6. Hillary Beach

Hillary Beach Perth

Hillary Beach

8. Lesmurdie Falls

Lesmurdie Falls Perth

Lesmurdie Falls

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9. Serpentine Falls

Serpentine Falls Perth

Serpentine Falls

10. Optus Stadium

Optus Stadium Perth 

Perth Optus Stadium

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11. Crawley Edge Boatshed

Crawley Edge Boatshed

Crawley Edge Perth

Crawley Edge

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Which is the best place you have been in Perth city? 


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