Abstract poetry
Poetry about Emotions! “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” – Robert Frost Belongingness… Neither I belonged to her Nor did she belong to me. We belonged to LOVE!!! Poetry about Emotions- 1 You’re the music I’m desperate to listen from ages. I’m disappointed! I’m failing to...
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It was just a usual first meeting with her No any thoughts, possessions and feelings The only thing I remember of her is that appealing smile. She sent friend request on facebook Everyone does, its normal, I thought and added her back. She used to like my posts and pictures, At times, comment too. I...
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We both shared the similar childhood memories I loved being soaked in the rain And so did you.  Even though we both were supposed not to be doing Gradually the restrictions were being implied upon us. Since you’re a black And I am a white. We are born with different color And we’ve forgotten long...
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Black and white
The isolating differences: godliness and man -liness… I don’t witness animals wandering in search of god as a man does Why would they bother about other beings. For they are enormously content with their own existence. I don’t see them missing godliness either. It’s no surprise they live life to the fullest. Probably the best...
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Nature- Palpa
Sitting on the lap of nature, there I was. Adrenaline of emotions rushing through the veins. Laying  down beneath the blue sky, there I was. Observing the whitest of cluster of clouds spanking each other. Relishing the  eloquence of drifting river, there I was. Alluring the tranquility that spontaneous flow of tides convey. Ascending on...
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