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Best Trekking in Nepal; Manaslu Circuit (Larke Pass) Trek- 2018!

Manaslu Circuit (Larke Pass) Trekking Recently, I along with my 3 friends (Aman Dingdung, Sapan Hamal and Saurav KC) had done Manaslu Circuit Trek. I had been hearing a lot about this trek and indeed […]

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Holi: the festival of colors (A collection of Photographs)

Holi!!! Holi is celebrated at the end of winter, on the last full moon day of the Hindu luni-solar calendar month marking the spring, making the date vary with the lunar cycle. The festival has many purposes; […]

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My Best photos of the year 2017! #Mojphotography #year2017

My Best Photos of the year 2017! My Best Photos of the year 2017; a post with the aim of reflecting the year 2017 through photographic journey in the very year. It’s almost the end […]

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9 reasons why I’ll visit Jumla at least once again in my life!

Recently, I had been to Jumla (one of the districts of Karnali Zone and is a part of province 6) for a two weeks stay. This trip was followed by the treks to Tsho Rolpa  and […]

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A beautiful Saturday evening spent in Bhaktapur: Photowalk

Last Saturday evening, I had been to serene Bhaktapur for a photowalk along with a friend. A passionate traveler and photographer friend accompanying the photowalk and what more to expect. 🙂 Recently, I have been much more […]

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